Network Integration Services for Data Center Networks

Establish flexible, robust and resilient data center networks.

Your enterprise requires a robust, flexible and resilient data center network infrastructure to respond to dynamic business demands. IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks helps you plan for and satisfy changing networking requirements with a structured delivery methodology, broad and deep technology expertise, strong partnerships with key network technology product vendors and world- class project management.



Service detail

Service details

Easing your networking challenges

Your IT organisation faces increasing demands on data center capacity and functionality. As servers, storage systems and end users continue to grow, so does the cost of doing business. At the same time, you must continue to improve security and resiliency, deliver better service, and embrace new technology-all with a tighter budget. To complicate matters, the expertise of your data center staff may focus on server and storage technologies, with limited knowledge and skills to assess and plan for your changing data center networking requirements.

IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks can help you position your network to better meet the high-availability, high-performance and security requirements you need to stay competitive. We help you understand, plan for and satisfy dynamic networking demands with a flexible, robust and resilient data center network design and implementation. Whether you are upgrading, moving, building or consolidating your data centers, our goal is to help improve the success of your projects. To help you deliver a reliable networking infrastructure we offer services that include:

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