Managed Security Services Cloud Computing – hosted email and web security

Protect your network from web-borne and email-based threats

Malware and other malicious code can exploit the vulnerabilities in your email and web applications and attack your network, leading to system degradation and data loss. You need a robust security solution to protect your network from these threats.

IBM Managed Security Services Cloud Computing – hosted email and web security helps reduce the threat of web-borne and email-based malware. Our service is designed to monitor both inbound and outbound traffic and block emails or web sites with malicious content.



Service detail

Service details

In the absence of adequate firewalls and endpoint security, a host of malware and malicious code can attack your network through email and web applications. These malicious programs often install themselves without the user’s knowledge—leaving no trace while they quietly collect information. This breach of security can lead to loss or theft of confidential data and affect compliance with regulatory mandates. In addition, there is increased risk of degradation of system performance, which can affect productivity and escalate costs.

IBM Managed Security Services Cloud Computing – hosted email and web security can help proactively detect and eliminate threats outside of your network, significantly reducing the risk of attacks. We monitor and filter email and web traffic in near real-time to help prevent malicious content from entering your network. At the same time, we help you enforce Internet usage policies and enable data protection to facilitate compliance management. Our service delivers a cloud-based solution that is cost-effective, simple to install and requires no additional hardware or software investments and very little supervision from your in-house IT staff.

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