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Delivering rapid deployment of a complete modular data center to support your unique business objectives

Organizations are struggling to handle increasing amounts of the growth of servers in existing data centers. Most organizations need to install and operate high density computing to keep up with IT demands, but the majority of data centers in existence today cannot support high density computing. Using a flexible and compact modular design that is quick to deploy at virtually any location, IBM IT Facilities Assessment Design and Construction Services - portable modular data center delivers an IT vendor-neutral, high-density compute-processing solution that supports any rack-mount technology while providing robust protection against environmental conditions. This portable modular data center is part of the IBM Data Center Family™, which offers comprehensive data center assessment, design, build, and relocation services to meet the unique needs of your organization.



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Service details

Positioning you to rapidly respond to your ever changing data processing demand

Many companies in a wide range of industries are discovering that to meet the demand of rapidly growing IT infrastructure needs, they must quickly expand their data processing capabilities. In a global marketplace, organizations are also seeing the need for high-density, cost- and energy-efficient data centers that can be rapidly and easily installed in various locations around the world to more effectively support remote operations. Or they may simply require quick local deployment of additional data center environments to more effectively meet increasing data-processing needs. To help position companies for future growth and provide greater flexibility and cost-efficiency, these data centers need to be built on open IT platforms, support high density computing, be scalable and be able to quickly adapt to evolving technology.

IBM IT Facilities Assessment Design and Construction Services - portable modular data center uses a flexible and highly deployable design that provides an environmentally isolated and physically protected, fully functional data center-in virtually any location. The portable modular data center is a compact, IT vendor-neutral, high-density data center solution that enables you to easily create or expand your existing data center floor space without major construction or building retrofit. And by implementing an energy-efficient, compact data center, you can potentially reduce your operating costs-and carbon footprint-while making better use of space and equipment.

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