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Integrated Management

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Are you under intense pressure from business executives to reduce IT spending while dealing with increasing demand on IT? Though these goals may seem mutually exclusive, they can, in fact, both be achieved through data centre optimisation.

Data centre managers face the challenge of focusing their staff on strategically critical projects while supporting day-to-day tasks. By partnering with Managed IT Services from IBM, you can free your IT team to support more important tasks. IBM managed and cloud-based services can help ensure availability, improve efficiency and security. Managed Security Services with real-time security intelligence and analytics are already helping more than 4,000 organisations worldwide reduce risk and stay ahead of security threats.

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    Evaluating solutions

    How do you know if your organisation is proactively prepared for—and able to flexibly respond to—unplanned events? Does your business possess the resilience it needs to rapidly react to potentially costly man-made or natural disruptive events? If the unthinkable should occur, discover how IBM can help protect your brand and potential revenue. Business continuity and resiliency services from IBM. Read the white paper. (727KB)

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    See what IBM has done

    With over 400 data centres worldwide, IBM is constantly uncovering innovative ways to operate smarter data centres. See how our data centre transformation efforts have resulted in over a billion dollars saved, reduced risks, greater energy efficiency, increased flexibility and improved operations and services. Read our story

Integrated data centre management offerings

IBM Managed Security Services uses analytics-based services to deliver the expertise, tools and infrastructure you need to secure your information assets from Internet attacks 24/7/365, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources.

IBM Smart Business Storage Cloud can help simply your infrastructure by using storage consolidation and a high-performance, virtualised solution.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise can help you reduce capital expenses, reduce test cycle times and achieve savings of up to 50 percent, with typical payback within 12 months.*

IBM Server Managed Services can help you create a collaborative computing environment to support your business goals. Three customisable service levels enable you to pay for only the services you need.

IBM Storage and Data Services simplify storage and data management while enabling business growth and innovation

IBM Tivoli Live offers high-level service management capabilities without requiring new hardware purchases or new software licenses, and is available as a monthly subscription.

*Based on results from IBM's Technology Adoption Program. Results vary depending on the client's existing environment. Final results can be ascertained only after a return on investment analysis.


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