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Source-to-Pay Outsourcing Services for Insurance Enterprises

Time-consuming, obsolete back-end processes for procurement can result in increased costs and capital expenditure for insurance enterprises. You need a dedicated resource to manage procurement spend, reduce costs and streamline finances.

IBM Global Process Services for insurance: procurement outsourcing helps you meet specific sourcing and procurement requirements, while enabling greater savings and increased control on procurement spend, operational efficiencies and innovation.


To mitigate the impact of a challenging global economy, insurers are taking a new look at their source-to-pay (S2P) processes for ways to drive cost improvements and operational efficiencies. Creating a smarter supply chain means today’s S2P organizations need a strategic approach to sourcing and procurement that delivers greater savings, enhanced visibility, and consolidated globalized processes with increased control and innovation.

During this time of unprecedented economic pressures, insurance executives across the globe are exploring a variety of outsourcing and shared services solutions. Well-established as a highly effective means to help reduce costs; achieve greater leverage with suppliers; and improve control, compliance and user satisfaction, outsourcing your S2P processes accomplishes all of this while helping you avoid capital expenditures.

Our advanced analytics capabilities enable greater control over spending and compliance. And by tapping into IBM’s vast supplier base, innovation technology and proven expertise, you can control your procurement spend and increase your buying power—helping to improve your combined ratio, right now and over the long term.

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