Infrastructure Recovery Services - rapid recovery

Recovering technology and infrastructure at the speed your business demands

With the growing threats of downtime and data loss, organizations want an advanced recovery solution to help them improve their recovery objectives, protect critical data and ensure operational efficiency.

IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services - rapid recovery is a customized, vendor-neutral solution that combines hardware, software and services to help reduce the loss of business-critical data, shorten the recovery process, reduce operational risks and manage compliance.



Service detail

Service details

Tolerance for outage and data loss is not an option in today's advanced technology infrastructure and application environments. As IT and business processes converge, the need for fast, reliable and secure recovery increases. To mitigate the impact of business disruption and improve your recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs), your complex IT environment requires state-of-the-art data replication and recovery solutions. Your existing tape-based data backup solutions may fail to meet the imperatives of business continuity, operational efficiency, security and compliance.

IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services - rapid recovery can help replicate your data to a dedicated IBM recovery center, enabling you to safeguard your critical information and improve your RTOs and RPOs. Our customized, vendor-neutral recovery solution can help protect your data with built-in encryption and storage formats and support data availability for operational restore, disaster recovery and business resumption. And, by supporting the availability of your current and historical data, we enable you to better manage data-centric regulatory compliance requirements.

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