Implementation Services for System p - Advanced POWER Virtualization

Use virtualisation technology to improve system utilisation, reduce costs, decrease complexity and free up resources.

IBM Implementation Services for System p™ - Advanced POWER™ Virtualisation is designed for organisations that want to take advantage of the virtualisation capabilities available on most IBM System p servers so they can reduce network complexity, improve utilisation and performance and decrease costs-along a faster implementation timeline and with a reduced risk of business disruption.



Service detail

Service details

Server sprawl - it's a growing problem in many organisations. Whether you're big or small, upgrading your infrastructure or merging with another company, it's likely that you're deploying new applications and facing data proliferation challenges. All of which leads to one thing: too many servers. Redundant servers can clutter your network, compromising performance levels and costing you more to manage and maintain it.

Wouldn't you like to get more performance and efficiency out of the hardware assets you already own? You can, if you own or are considering purchasing IBM System p servers, for which leading virtualisation technology is usually available. Designed to help you avoid using your valuable in-house resources on time-consuming virtualisation implementation projects, IBM Implementation Services for System p - Advanced POWER Virtualisation provides fixed-cost planning, installation, configuration, training and project management services.

Advanced POWER Virtualisation capabilities can help your organisation simplify server management, reduce costs, and improve server utilisation and performance. These capabilities include:

Virtual I/O server

Partition load manager

IBM Micro-Partitioning™ technology

Leveraging IBM's world-class System p and virtualisation expertise can help you speed implementation time and reduce the risk of business disruption during your transition to a consolidated and virtualised server platform. This service is available for System p servers that are based on IBM POWER5™ and POWER6™ technology.

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