Implementation Services for Geographically Dispersed Open Clusters

IBM Implementation Services for Geographically Dispersed Open Clusters (GDOC) provides a fully automated disaster recovery solution for open systems, plus ongoing management and testing.

Combining IBM services expertise and Symantec software, IBM Implementation Services for Geographically Dispersed Open Clusters (GDOC) provides automation, testing and management to support world-class high availability and near-transparent application recovery for open systems.



Service detail

Service details

GDOC is designed to protect the availability of critical applications running in mixed environments that include IBM AIX®-based servers as well as servers based on HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux® or Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. This multivendor solution, which is based on an open systems cluster architecture, provides disaster recovery for data mirrored across two or more sites. A solution typically starts with a cluster of servers at a single site managed by Symantec software to provide high availability. This solution is extended by adding mirrored copies of the data, along with additional servers, at a second, geographically distant site, synchronizing the data between the two sites using one or more data replication solutions.

This solution helps enable an organisation to recover from an outage quickly with minimal data loss. In fact, the recovery time with this solution ranges from minutes to hours - in contrast to the 24- to 48-hour recovery time that is typical with traditional disaster recovery solutions.

Software automates recovery from an outage both within a site and across sites; it also facilitates regular testing. By reducing manual recovery processes, organisations can greatly increase their ability to survive a local or regional outage. In the event of an outage, automated recovery processes take over to accelerate recovery time, decrease human error and enable the environment until IT staff is available.

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