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Flexible Design
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Flexible Designs

Pay as you grow – modular data centres

Scalable Modular Data Centre:

For mid-size clients, up to 15-25% less total cost of ownership

Enterprise Modular Data Centre:

For enterprise clients,defer up to 40-50% of capital and operating costs

Portable Modular Data Centre:

For remote capacity - fully functional data centre in shipping container

As demand for IT services increases, so does the need for flexible data centre design. Using analytics-based services, we can use mathematical modelling to better project future IT and data centre capacity demands to better plan your data centre design. Modular data centre designs can offer significant benefits as your business grows and adapts to change. A modular approach can let you pay as you grow, defer costs by up to 50% and swiftly implement the latest technology. Data Centre Design Lifecycle Cost Analytics can help improve data centre investment governance by providing vendor and technology tradeoffs and can help reduce total costs by up to 30%.

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    With over 400 data centres worldwide, IBM is constantly uncovering innovative ways to operate smarter data centres. See how our data centre transformation efforts have resulted in over a billion dollars saved, reduced risks, greater energy efficiency, increased flexibility and improved operations and services. Read our story

IBM services for designing a flexible, smarter data centre

Data Centre Design and Construction Services can help you design your data centre with the future in mind.

IBM Smart Business Storage Cloud can help simplify your infrastructure by using storage consolidation and a high-performance, virtualised solution.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise can provide faster access to enterprise-class virtual server environments suited for development and test activities as well as other dynamic workloads.

IBM Networking Strategy and Opitmisation Services are designed to help ensure your networks are aligned with business goals and optimised to support operational excellence.


Optimise your middleware investments to help improve business efficiency


Build and manage a dynamic and optimised infrastructure that supports business, operational and product innovation using our portfolio of server services

Storage and data

Your first step to an efficient information infrastructure

Site and facilities

Plan, design and build flexible, cost-effective and energy efficient data centres and facilities


Design, implement and manage integrated communications and networking environments to drive collaboration, business flexibility and growth

Cloud computing

By deploying technology as a service, you give users access only to the resources they need for a particular task.