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Global Expense Reporting (GERS)

IBM's industry leading, Global Expense Reporting Solutions (GERS) provides back office processing support functions and contains a comprehensive business policy engine, integrated receipt imaging and scanning service, and a robust data analysis toolset to create a seamless automated workflow across your enterprise. IBM simplifies your expense management process by also linking to any online reservation service and corporate card provider for systematic pre-population and policy review of travel reservation and card data. Taking advantage of IBM's global scale, we can source travel and accommodation, and purchase on the clients behalf.

Get more from your travel budget

IBM Global Expense Reporting Solutions (GERS) is the leading provider of Web-based employee travel and expense (T&E) management services. GERS offers your enterprise an expense management solution that can help:

GERS highlights:

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Global expense management solution

Improve your travel and expense processes with a proven end-to-end expense management solution.