Data Loss Protection

Help protect sensitive data and enforce corporate security policies on endpoint devices using industry-leading encryption and data loss prevention software as well as rapid implementation, product support and reliable managed security services.


They're small, portable and convenient-and they could compromise your security. If left unprotected, your endpoint devices can allow threats to slip in unseen and let sensitive data leak out.

IBM Data Security Services for data loss protection is designed to help you improve endpoint security. With rapid implementation, reliable managed security services and industry-leading software, IBM can help you protect sensitive data that is accessed, stored and transmitted on your endpoint devices. Imagine being able to:

IBM Data Security Services for data loss protection can help you do all this-with a fast implementation that can be completed with less risk than a solution you deploy yourself.

What We Offer

Data Security Services - enterprise data loss prevention solution (US)

Integrating data protection to help better manage compliance and prevent data loss

Symantec PGP encryption

Help protect business data in transit and at rest, even beyond the enterprise network, without increasing IT complexity

Fidelis Network Data Loss Protection (US)

Reduce risk efficiently by helping to prevent data loss across the network without compromising business needs

Verdasys Endpoint Data Loss Protection (US)

Gain visibility and control of data to help protect critical information on endpoints from loss and misuse

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