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Critical data protection
Compliant and accessible anywhere you need it to be

Protect sensitive corporate data with a risk-balanced strategy and leading data protection technologies.

Protecting critical corporate information assets has never been more challenging. Mobile devices are pervasive throughout the enterprise, employees and business partners need access to sensitive or confidential data, and the external threats to this data keep growing. Security managers need to ensure that they can adequately protect the data from insider and external threats without adversely impacting business productivity.

IBM Data Security Services can help you cost-effectively identify and protect your organisation's critical data from internal and external threats, providing both consulting services to establish your data protection strategy and implementation / integration services of market-leading data loss prevention and encryption technologies to provide the optimal level of control. IBM consultants and specialists can help you create custom data protection solutions for your specific environment that take into account your specific risk management objectives. They have experience with a wide range of industry requirements and IT architectures to help organisations of all sizes quickly adopt the necessary data protection capabilities. IBM's streamlined approach supports collaboration across the enterprise while protecting data in transit or at rest - without slowing your business.

Potential benefits include:

IBM has extensive experience in providing end-to-end data protection solutions for organisations of all sizes. Leveraging both IBM and leading business partner DLP and encryption technologies, our security specialists address your specific data protection requirements and provide the solutions that best match your risk management objectives. A recognized thought leader in security solutions, IBM has deep experience in protecting its own sensitive global data stores, and the knowledge and resources to help our clients meet their data protection goals.

What we offer

Data loss protection

Help protect sensitive data and enforce corporate security policies on endpoint devices

Data security strategy and assessment

Integrate enterprise data security into your business strategy

Enterprise content protection

Help prevent leakage of sensitive data outside the enterprise and unauthorized movement of sensitive data within the enterprise

Managed security services cloud computing - hosted email and web security

Protect your network from web-borne and email-based threats

Messaging security

Messaging security

Protect your corporate e-mail systems with solutions from IBM Security Services. We help block bad traffic before it can impact your network.

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