Smarter Data Centre Services

Build and manage highly efficient data centres to respond to
change and drive innovation

Advancements such as cloud, social, mobile and analytics are placing greater demands on your data centre. But hardware-centric, inefficient infrastructures struggle to support market shifts. To stay ahead, you need to plan an agile, highly responsive data centre.

Smarter Data Centre services from IBM helps you integrate legacy systems and new architectures—such as cloud and virtualisation—into a dynamic, open-standards-based data centre. We help create a software-defined environment that uses patterns of expertise to automatically anticipate and deploy infrastructure resources based on workload needs. The best part? Investing in a more optimised, scalable data centre allows you to tap into the vast opportunities of cloud, social, mobile and analytics, all while maintaining a security-rich environment.

IBM offers a flexible approach that can address your needs at any point in your service optimisation journey.

Dynamically optimise/hybird. Anticipate and scale resources accordingly to meet changing workload requirements. Simplify and automate. Streamline repeatable processes and reduce manual tasks. Optimise and standardise. Simplify deployments, reduce management complexity and build a foundation for automation. Consolidate and virtualise. Improve utilisation, optimise floor space and enable standardisation. (US)


IBM's vision for the next-generation data centre

What does the next-generation data center look like? View the infographic

The next-generation data centre answers the need for a simpler, adaptive infrastructure, able to respond to disruptive change, melt technology silos and integrate legacy and new architectures in a single, manageable ecosystem. It is a software defined environment (SDE) in which server, storage, network and facilities resources are automatically provisioned and configured by software programmed to understand and adapt decisions to the requirements of each workload in real time.


What we offer

Data centre outsourcing (US)

Gain greater agility and responsiveness while lowering your IT infrastructure costs

Middleware services

Optimise your middleware investments for greater efficiency and value

Private and hybrid cloud services

Get a fully automated private cloud deployed in less than a day, not weeks

Site and facilities services

Plan, design and build flexible, cost-effective data centres and facilities

Managed services

Increase performance and availability while lowering risk

Networking services (US)

Design, implement and manage integrated communications and networking environments

Server services

Build, optimise and manage a flexible server infrastructure with our server services

Storage services

Your first step to an efficient information infrastructure

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