Data center energy efficiency assessment

Get a comprehensive energy analysis that prioritizes tactical plans across your data center to help improve efficiency and reduce costs

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Data center infrastructures are at a tipping point. New high-density servers provide more computing power with less energy consumption than traditional servers. But with more servers, overall data center demand for energy grows. Add increased equipment cooling requirements, and many data center infrastructures can't handle the stress of new IT equipment. According to American Power Conversion Corporation (APC), 70 percent of data center energy-related costs can be attributed to infrastructure systems, which means that improving your energy usage is key to effective data center management.¹

IBM Data Center and Facilities Strategy Services - data center energy efficiency assessment measures the energy usage of your cooling, electrical and building systems, compares your energy efficiency to an industry standard and identifies opportunities to improve. It helps create business-case financial justification to help prioritize improvements for energy savings, giving you a framework to make infrastructure decisions.

¹ American Power Conversion Corporation (APC) white paper, Implementing Energy Efficient Data Centers #114, Neil Rasmussen, 2006.

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