Converged Communications Solutions

Communications have come a long way in the past few years, allowing us to connect in more ways than ever before with innovative voice, data and video solutions now being common place. By converging these communication offerings, your business can achieve improved productivity, greater collaboration, enhanced customer service and substantial cost reductions. IBM® Converged Communications Services provides a portfolio of consulting, integration, deployment and management services to help you build a formidable integrated communications and networking environment for your business.

IP Telephony

Design, deploy and manage an infrastructure with today’s advanced IP telephone systems. IP telephony can help reduce voice and data network costs while also increasing the productivity of your employees.

IP Contact Centre

Helps to reduce operating costs, experience greater flexibility, improve customer satisfaction, boost productivity and increase revenue.

IP Video Communications

Help enhance both your internal and external collaboration and improve business flexibility while reducing travel time and costs with IBM’s video communications solutions.

Wireless LAN

Enjoy the freedom of staying connected to vital business information from anywhere within the office. This allows for greater productivity as employees are offered more mobility.

Unified Messaging

Help boost productivity and reduce operational complexity with the design and deployment of a unified messaging solution based on a converged communications platform.

Real-Time Collaboration

Help improve business efficiencies and support business growth with the deployment of an IBM real-time collaboration system based on a converged-communications-ready platform.

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