Contingency planning assessment

You face greater potential harm to your company from any single disaster. IBM can perform an independent assessment of your ability to cope with a crisis, such as a flu pandemic, to help you identify gaps and develop action plans to mitigate exposures.

Today, businesses face a growing number of threats of disaster. And you face greater potential harm to your company from any single disaster, due to a more and more complex marketplace. Do you know how to protect your business during a disaster or crisis event such as a pandemic, hurricane or earthquake?



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Service details

We evaluate key elements and functions across your entire organization

Experienced IBM business continuity and crisis management consultants work with you to help you protect your operations, your customer services, and your brand reputation. There is much more at stake than data and data centers, especially in a disaster or crisis scenario when illness and fatalities are widespread. Many employees, partners and suppliers may be unable to work for extended periods of time and there may be significant disruptions to normal operations.

We'll review and assess your readiness related to human resource planning; proximity to medical services; internal and external communications; supply chain capabilities; IT, network site and facilities infrastructure, security, customer support, and your business policies and operations.

You can choose from two levels of assessment:

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