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Today's market calls for a different kind of business process outsourcing provider. One that takes into account your company's unique identity and position in the market. One that can deliver sustainable competitive advantage through process innovation.

Today's market calls for IBM Global Process Services.

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IBM and Telstra – Finance & Administration Case Study

Find out how IBM Global Process Services partners with Telstra, to address challenges through business transformation.

This video features Sanjay Khushu, Chief Account of Telstra, with Stan Hankins and Zois Tsikas from IBM Global Process Services.

A community-based approach

A community-based approach

With more than 50 delivery centres worldwide, Global Process Services is the largest shared services and outsourcing organisation in the world. Here in Australia, we have designed a unique delivery centre model to provide high-quality onshore and near shore services, while creating local education and employment opportunities.

The Australian CFO Forum 2013 Whitepaper.

The Australian CFO Forum 2013 Whitepaper.

In May 2013, more than 40 senior and board-level finance executives from organisations across Australia came together at the Australian CFO Forum 2013.

This report summarises the conversations that took place and aims to identify synergies and differences around four key topics: digital transformation, analytics, operational agility, and talent and leadership.

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Success Stories – Westpac partnering with IBM

An interview featuring Paul Newham, Chief Operating Officer of Westpac, discussing their decision to invest in business process outsourcing, with insight into the benefits of their IBM Global Process Services partnership.

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New Zealand Delivery Centre Launch

The Sting Video for the Official Launch of the IBM New Zealand Delivery Centre, at Unitec Institute of Technology, 14 February 2013.

GPS Principles and Promises

GPS Principles and Promises

GPS believes that business process areas are rich with opportunities for clients not only to save money but to grow, grab market share and drive customer loyalty.

Explore BPO from an industry view

Outsourcing motivations have changed, so should sourcing strategies. Why? Those who have made the shift are also outperforming.

Source: IBM 2012 Why partnering strategies matter. Whitepaper.

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Client Collaboration

We work closely with our clients for the duration of each relationship, helping us to react quickly to their needs.

EPIC: A Methodology for Innovation

Our Enterprise Process Innovation Continuum (EPIC) is the analytics-driven methodology we use to innovate business processes.

Transitioning Business Processes

Once you decide to work with IBM Global Process Services, what's the first step? We begin the transition with a comprehensive knowledge transfer.

EPIC: Extending Innovation

We perform business processes for some of the most respected and successful companies in the world, and this work benefits all of our clients.

Global Network of Delivery Centers

IBM delivery centers scale up or down to respond to our clients' business opportunities, challenges, seasonal cycles, time zone demands, and diverse geographic requirements.


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