Work area recovery

Keep business running and employees productive
during a disaster or disruption

Many companies today have a plan for keeping their data centres running during a disaster or disruption, but equally important is being able to maintain employee productivity. Events ranging from a power outage to a natural disaster can shutter your offices and bring critical operations to a halt.

IBM work area recovery services offer business resilience centres from which your employees can work when faced with a disruption. These comfortable, highly secure facilities are equipped with communications capabilities, multivendor IT equipment, and a reliable data centre to keep your business online and your employees working through any situation.

Work area recovery features

Working through a disruption is never easy. IBM can help you designate alternate work environments that demonstrate preparedness and corporate responsibility while protecting your brand reputation and keeping the business competitive. This level of preparedness illustrates a corporate commitment to customers, the company, and above all, to employees. IBM work area recovery services help you to:

  • Sustain productivity

    Address lost employee productivity and the need for an alternate work environment

  • Improve business continuity

    Help meet your company’s risk tolerance and flexibility goals

  • Build business value

    Maintain critical operations and customer satisfaction

  • Enable employees

    Deliver technical, infrastructure, and environmental services that employees require to operate during recovery

  • Preserve your brand

    Work area recovery strategies demonstrate preparedness and corporate responsibility

  • Achieve compliance

    Develop a comprehensive workforce continuity solution to meet compliance requirements

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Why IBM?

IBM's work area recovery services are just some of the many business continuity and resiliency services we offer our customers. We have more than 50 years of experience with business resilience and information protection and employ approximately 1,800 experienced business continuity professionals. We leverage this experience to deliver to our customers strategic, dependable disaster recovery services that help your business stay up and running during a disaster or business disruption.

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