Managed Resiliency Services

Resiliency Services

In today’s business world, downtime is no longer tolerated. Companies must improve business continuity to maintain high levels of employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. Yet achieving this ‘always-on’ state requires a fully redundant and security-rich IT infrastructure that can tax the financial and human resources of any organisation. IBM’s Managed Resiliency Services deliver a dedicated, cost-effective data centre environment managed by our own experts that can help ensure business continuity and resiliency.



IBM Managed Resiliency Services provide dedicated, robust, secure data centres with managed services to keep your business operations up and running. Our wide range of proactive and event-driven services allow you to choose the capabilities you need to meet your business continuity and resiliency goals. IBM Managed Resiliency Services take the management burden off your organisation, freeing up in-house resources while helping you:


How it works

Our managed services help:


We have strategically located, energy-efficient, “green” resiliency centres providing around-the-clock availability as well as controlled access.



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Explore ways to manage risk more efficiently.



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Korea Exchange Bank's London office improves disaster readiness with a Managed Resiliency solution from IBM.


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