Integrated Communications

Design, implement and manage integrated
communications and networking environments

Advances in communications and networking capabilities today offer organisations almost unlimited opportunities to conduct business anywhere, anytime, using multiple types of devices and communications.

Integrated Communications Services can help drive your organisation's collaboration, business flexibility and growth by designing, implementing and managing your integrated communications and networking environments.

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Organisations have the potential to create and support innovative new business models—from advanced collaboration environments to customer self-service to mobile workforce support. However, knowing how and where to start can be challenging.

IBM Integrated Communications Services can help you create an integrated communications environment that drives business flexibility and growth by providing you with:

What we offer

Network Infrastructure Services (US)

Ensure your networks are aligned with business strategy and optimised to support operational excellence

Communications and Collaboration Services (US)

Build business advantage with unified communications: integrated voice, data and video environments designed for collaboration and productivity


Managed Services (US)

Experience the potential time and cost savings of near-end-to-end management of your networks and business communications

Industry Solutions (US)

Unlock new revenue potential and cost efficiency with networking solutions for industry unique application