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Human Resources

A huge demand for labour in the Natural Resources industry has made the shortage of skilled workers a key issue. Companies need employees with diverse skills and often rely on a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workforce. Living and working conditions are often tough, which adds to the challenge of securing the right people.


Strengthen your workforce with IBM
IBM’s Smarter Workforce logistics solutions particularly addresses the FIFO nature of the workforce bringing together workforce scheduling, travel, training, induction, expense management, labour claim, into a seamless cloud solution. Not only does it provide best in industry employee experience, it also enhances the productivity of the operations manager through status, alerts and solution simplicity. IBM supports end user service delivery via any mobile device, anywhere, anytime and ensures employees and contractors are work ready in optimum time.

IBM’s FIFO solution covers employee, contractor and visitor travel and accommodation logistics; bringing process, system standardisation and management of travel and accommodation bookings to websites that previously relied on legacy systems based largely on spreadsheets, emails and paper forms. The benefits have been numerous including:

Smarter Workforce Solutions
IBM’s Smarter Workforce solutions are across the full employee lifecycle, specifically designed to meet the challenges of the NR sector. The HR services offered include the following:

The solutions harness technology but ensure the service and structure is fully reflective of the industry. With our in-depth NR sector workforce experience globally and locally, IBM Global Process Services can be your trusted partner in this journey.

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