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Stepping up to the challenge: CMO insights from the Global C-suite Study

CMOs wield more power in the boardroom, as CEOs increasingly call on them for strategic input. How will you seize this opportunity?

Australian perspectives on global marketing trends

The role of the CMO has changed. Read a local perspective of the Global CMO Study, including some recommended actions for Australian CMOs as they help shape a customer-activated enterprise.

Greater Expectations – consumers are asking for tomorrow, today

Results from almost 2,000 Australian consumers reveal that there is however a gap in consumer expectations –retailers are struggling to meet expectations in delivering consistency and visibility and this may be largely attributed to consumers outpacing the retailers in embracing SoLoMo.

Step up to the challenge

Understanding Each Customer

The digital world has reframed the dynamics of business, making the customers more informed and socially connected. To understand such empowered buyers, information sought from a blanket demographic will no longer work. Organisations that look for deeper insights into their customer’s wants and needs will have a better chance of identifying where to play and how to win.
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Driving Engagement

The audience is much more fragmented today, interacting and drawing information through multiple channels. To gain their attention and loyalty, marketers need to appeal to them in ways that they perceive valuable. The key lies in cultivating meaningful relationships. To do so, marketers need to maximise value at every touch, without being intrusive.
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Linking Brand and Culture

How a company is perceived today is more than a product of its mission statement, logo, advertising and blog posts. The brand value should reflect in everything an enterprise does, even in the way its employees interact with customers. This is a critical step towards building a cohesive brand culture and increasing brand equity.
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Transforming the customer experience at David Jones (YouTube, 00:03;05)
David Jones engaged IBM to deliver an omni-channel platform to reinvent the way it interacts with customers.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (PDF, 424KB )

The City of Melbourne and IBM Partnership foundation is built on data. more Together, we are harnessing the power of data to deliver an enhanced and amplified event experience at MSFW 2014. By delivering real-time insight and intelligence into the behaviour and sentiment of MSFW guests and linking this in real-time to retailer offers, promotions and entertainment; we are connecting guests more closely with Melbourne CBD businesses. less

PSA Peugeot Citroën is launching “connected services” for the car of the future (US) PSA Peugeot Citroën is launching “connected services” for the car of the future

PSA Peugeot Citroën and IBM are working to analyse massive amounts of data to deliver connected vehicles. How might you do more with data?

Carbonite is using digital analytics to retain customers and save millions (US) Carbonite is using digital analytics to retain customers and save millions

Carbonite is building stronger relationships with its customers with every contact. How are you staying in touch with your customers?

Lindt is mastering personalised e-commerce (US)

Lindt created a solution that makes it very easy for them more to deliver a premium experience for their customers. How are you delighting your customers? less


IBM Social Business

Social business starts when you put people at the Centre. Amplify the value of more human connections. See what social can do for you. less

Enterprise Market Management (US) Bring science to the art of marketing for better business results

End-to-end enterprise marketing management solutions from IBM can help transform all aspects of marketing to engage more customers in highly relevant, interactive dialogues across digital, social, mobile and traditional marketing channels. less

Use advanced analytics to improve decision making and business performance (US) 23,000 leading companies and organisations around the world gain deeper insights with Cognos analytics software

Over 20,000 companies and organisations around the world gain deeper insights with Cognos performance management solutions.

Smarter Commerce - Cross-channel experience assessment (PDF, 473KB) Optimising channel strategy to maximize value

Through an accelerated four week engagement, IBM can help you develop a channel strategy that is reflective of your brand, establish design more characteristics, key capabilities and an investment strategy for each channel, identify and prioritise channel innovation opportunities, and understand the high-level technical requirements to support the channel strategy. less

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