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Engaging the workforce

Insights from 342 Global CHROs on how they are taking important steps in developing a workforce that can compete in a customer-driven world.

Making change work . . . while the work keeps changing

In order to find out what the difference between those companies that successfully manage change and those that fail, more IBM conducted the second Making Change Work study, which surveyed nearly 1,400 professionals in 48 countries. less

Building enterprise change capability and enabling effective organisational transformation

Blog by Leslie Breackell, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Sales & Distribution

The Washington Post: IBM using analytics software to solve HR problems

IBM reveals several new technology services that apply big data and analytics processes to human resources problems

Research and Insights

Unlocking the people equation

As the complexity of workforce challenges continues to rise, so will the demand for more quantitative approaches to address the increasingly difficult people-related morequestions central to organizational success. less

How IBM is empowering people to drive innovation’ (PDF, 329KB)

Growing Social Business from the Inbox Out

A blueprint for value

Converting big data and analytics insights into results

Are traditional HR practices keeping your organisation average?

IBM explores the changes that are impacting work as we know it, and the limitations of traditional human capital practices based on old assumptions.

Going beyond Facebook and Linkedin

Understanding the tools and tricks that are available to you is crucial in this social world. more This paper will discuss why this social phenomenon has rocked the recruiting world and how to create a strategy to address it, through attraction and connection. less


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Case studies

Regeneron (PDF, 90KB)

From experiencing exponential growth to keeping the cultural cornerstone through a very scientific discovery

Johnson Controls (PDF, 114KB)

Link business growth with engaged employees

Apollo Group Inc. (PDF, 135KB)

Using recruitment services to find the right talent and reduce recruiting costs


IBM Social Business

Social business starts when you put people at the Centre. Amplify the value of more human connections. See what social can do for you. less

Business Analytics and Optimisation Learn how IBM can help you gain deeper insights, make better decisions and optimise performance

In an increasingly complex world with an ever-pressing need to stay one step ahead of the competition, learn more how IBM can help you mine data for deeper insights, make better decisions and optimise performance. less

IBM Cloud IBM Cloud

Rethink IT. Reinvent Business. Cloud computing changes the way we think about technology and its positive impact on the enterprise.

IBM Mobility Services IBM Mobility Services

The new workplace is now undeniably a mobile enterprise. However, the combination of anytime, anywhere more transactions and a blurring of lines between corporate and individual use makes managing this environment a challenge for IT leaders. IBM can help develop the right strategy and governance and deliver a wide range of mobile enterprise services to create a more productive, connected workplace. less

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