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Clearing the clouds: shining the light on successful Enterprise Risk Management The first step toward creating a robust ERM program encompasses understanding the scope of risk management and nurturing collaboration and preparedness -- making it a team sport across the enterprise. Within the paper, we present a framework and approach that help shine a light on critical success factors for implementing a robust ERM program, taking an actionable approach to addressing these challenges that enterprises can consider, when embarking on their own ERM transformation programs.

Successful Enterprise Risk Management is a ‘team sport’ with an emphasis on understanding the scope more of the risk management challenge, as well as the importance of nurturing collaboration and preparedness. This report identifies critical success factors for implementing a robust ERM program and the required steps to embark on an ERM transformation program. less

How IT risks can shape a company’s reputation and value (PDF, 808KB) Discover how executive views align in this special report based on findings in the global Reputational Risk Study

CEOs, CIOs and CFOs often have widely divergent opinions on the effect of IT risk on their companies’ reputations and more reputational risk management practices. Read a special executive point of view report based on the global Reputational Risk Study to understand if such differences of opinion are encouraging exploration of all areas of risk and potential solutions. less

Thinking through uncertainty: CFOs scrutinize non-financial risk (PDF, 249KB) Learn more about non-financial risk management

This exploration of risk management practices at ten diverse organisations found that the finance function is getting far more more involved in the art and science of non-financial risk management. less

Research and Insights

Toward transparency and sustainability: Building a new financial order Start on the road toward transparency and sustainability

To comply with the requirement for greater transparency in the financial markets industry, most institutions will need to adopt a more different business model — one that delivers sustainable returns. less

What business leaders need to know about IT security trends and risks (US) Learn the preventative measures that can improve security in this report from IBM's Institute for Business Value

Learn the preventative measures that can improve security in this report from IBM's Institute for Business Value. In an more increasingly connected world, the frequency and scope of data loss, “distributed denial of service” attacks and “social hacktivism” reinforce the need to protect assets aggressively and proactively. less

Managing threats in the digital age (US) Discover strategies that address today's complex risk and compliance needs

In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world, risks are real and increasing exponentially. Each more member of the enterprise leadership team owns a significant stake – and a powerful role – in securing the data and intellectual capital that flows through the organisation. less


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Case studies

Westpac New Zealand - Risk management (US) Learn more

Westpac New Zealand gets proactive in the fight against fraud with predictive analytics and expertly defined business rules to more improve the speed and accuracy of the bank’s response to fraud patterns and incidents. less

CLS Bank (PDF, 514KB) Learn more

Working with IBM, CLS developed an innovative, long-distance, resilient, multi-route fiber network between data centres more in the UK and mainland Europe, allowing synchronous data replication to take place. Applicable to many industries, secure synchronized dual-region data centres are now able to provide continuous operations, with no data loss, even in the event of a regional disaster. less

Making everyone a risk manager (00:02:54) The Chief Risk Officer at the University of California explains why

Enterprise Risk Management is far more than purchasing insurance at the University of California. In the past 5 years, the more Chief Risk Officer has been able to reduce the UC system's cost of risk over 420 million dollars by building constituencies across different disciplines and reshaping risk management around a model in which everyone is a risk manager. less


International Financial Reporting Standards (PDF, 182KB) More information about IFRS consulting services

IBM has significant capabilities, experience and alliances to help support the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) more conversion. Your enterprise will benefit through a proven approach for the full lifecycle of the IFRS conversion process. less

Protecting personal and sensitive information (US) Learn more

A webcast outlining steps to protect personal information and privacy, and ultimately a company’s brand.

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C,The Customer-activated Enterprise,Sub title: Insights from the Global C-suite Study

Ten years, 17 studies and 23,000 face-to-face executive interviews have given us rich insights into how private and public sector leaders think. ‘The Customer-activated Enterprise’ is our first simultaneous study of the entire C-suite.