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Global CFO Study 2010 (US) Download the full report and access related information

More than 1,900 CFOs share the secrets of outperforming their peers by combining two capabilities: finance efficiency and more business insight. less

Clearing the clouds: shining the light on successful Enterprise Risk Management The first step toward creating a robust ERM program encompasses understanding the scope of risk management and nurturing collaboration and preparedness -- making it a team sport across the enterprise. Within the paper, we present a framework and approach that help shine a light on critical success factors for implementing a robust ERM program, taking an actionable approach to addressing these challenges that enterprises can consider, when embarking on their own ERM transformation programs.

Successful Enterprise Risk Management is a ‘team sport’ with an emphasis on understanding the scope more of the risk management challenge, as well as the importance of nurturing collaboration and preparedness. This report identifies critical success factors for implementing a robust ERM program and the required steps to embark on an ERM transformation program. less

FT.com Article, "Number cruncher to co-pilot" Mark Loughridge interview

The Financial Times’ ft.com interviews IBM’s CFO, Mark Loughridge.

Research and Insights

Why leading CFOs view business process outsourcing as a means to success (PDF, 302KB) Read about business process outsourcing

Read about business process outsourcing

The 2010 Global CFO Study identified Value Integrators -- companies that outperformed their peers on key financial metrics (US) Explore the new companion report -- Journey to a Value Integrator -- and video that describe what it takes to get on the path to higher value

Explore “Journey to a Value Integrator”, a companion report to IBM’s Global CFO Study to learn what it takes to get on the more path to higher value. This complementary piece features additional case study-based research across 15 high-performing enterprises identified as Value Integrators in the CFO Study. less

Exploring alternative delivery models for stronger financial performance (US) Explore now

Learn how CFOs who implement shared services and business process outsourcing models are driving higher more performance across the enterprise. less

Rethinking the Enterprise - Insights from the World's leading CEOs Learn more

Discover why some large, successful organisations fail, while others survive and thrive. Financial strength more and intelligence aren’t enough – effective management and the ability to adapt are essential. less


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Case studies

Achmea transforms financial reporting with SAP and IBM (US) View

Higher quality reports in less time are helping the executive team identify inefficiencies, highlight profitable opportunities, more and meet regulatory obligations. less

Blooming good idea (PDF, 207KB) View PDF

With help from IBM, 1-800-Flowers Inc. consolidated their multi-siloed e-commerce systems onto a unified technology more platform – WebSphere® Commerce. Find out how they did it. less

Panasonic Japan (US) Panasonic worked with IBM to develop and implement global cash management system for its approximately 600 subsidiaries.

Panasonic worked with IBM to develop and implement a global cash management system for its approximately 600 subsidiaries. more This system consolidates cash funds, money exchanges and in-house settlements on a daily basis. less


Transforming Finance into a Value Integrator (PDF, 442KB) View PDF

IBM offers comprehensive solutions in critical financial management focus areas.

Strategic profit improvement (PDF, 425KB) View the PDF

An assessment that makes recommendations about organisation and process changes designed to more increase effectiveness, reduce costs, and potentially increase revenue. less

IBM solutions supported by IBM Global Financing To help CFOs finance new business initiatives, IBM Global Financing provides deep financial resources that can help optimise the expected benefits and realise the full value of business innovation.

IBM Global Financing can help finance new business initiatives to optimise the expected benefits and more realise the full value of business innovation. less

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C,The Customer-activated Enterprise,Sub title: Insights from the Global C-suite Study

Ten years, 17 studies and 23,000 face-to-face executive interviews have given us rich insights into how private and public sector leaders think. ‘The Customer-activated Enterprise’ is our first simultaneous study of the entire C-suite.