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To buy or not to buy: How Millennials are reshaping B2B marketing

Millennials are having a profound impact on their organisations and the B2B vendors who want to do business with them. more As more Millennials move into decision making roles at work, or start their own companies where they are in charge, the influence they wield over B2B purchasing will only continue to grow. Our global, multigenerational study explores the preferences and practices of those who influence B2B purchasing decisions. Just as consumer marketing is changing to appeal to Millennials, our findings show that B2B marketers also need to revamp their strategies to connect with this new generation of decision makers. less

Finding success In the cloud

The cloud transformation within IBM is enabling dramatic reductions in IT support costs and major more improvements in workplace efficiency and resource use. less

Discover how to grow profit and revenue faster (US)

Effective engagement and intelligent investment are your key moves. Read more and consider your next steps.

Greater expectations: Consumers are asking for tomorrow, today

Australian insights from the 2014 Smarter Consumer Study

Digital Reinvention- Preparing for a very different tomorrow

The individual-centered economy is already here. The newest digital technologies keep changing how people, businesses and governments interact. These digital forces enable unprecedented levels of connectedness and so the world is already investing in consumer-centricity. Looking ahead, 63 percent of the leaders we surveyed in this 2013 IBM Digital Reinvention Study expect consumers to gain even more power and influence over their businesses.

Creating a smarter enterprise - The science of transformation

Change is essential to progress. Today’s global business leaders embrace this conventional wisdom. The ability to transform is a prerequisite not only for progress, but also for survival in the shifting, modern global economy. Read this paper to learn how IBM has developed a differentiating point of view about addressing this transformation challenge.

A Snapshot of Australia’s Digital Future to 2050

Discover IBM’s perspective on the likely shape of Australia’s digital future by 2050.

The Individual Enterprise - How mobility redefines business

Approximately ten times more smartphones and tablets are sold every day than babies are born. The average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day, or nearly once every six minutes. And the market for wearable devices is projected to grow at least fivefold over the next four years.

Research and Insights

Reinventing the rules of engagement
CEO insights from the Global C-suite Study
Reinventing the Rules of Engagement

Moving from the back office to the front lines
CIO insights from the Global C-suite Study
Moving from the back office to the front lines

Pushing the frontiers
CFO insights from the Global C-suite Study
Pushing the frontiers

Stepping up to the challenge
CMO insights from the Global C-suite Study
Stepping up to the challenge

New expectations for a new era
CHRO insights from the Global C-suite Study
New expectations for a new era

Orchestrating a customer-activated supply chain
CSCO insights from the Global C-suite Study
Orchestrating a customer-activated supply chain


IBM Social Business

Social business starts when you put people at the Centre. Amplify the value of more human connections. See what social can do for you. less

Business Analytics and Optimisation Learn how IBM can help you gain deeper insights, make better decisions and optimise performance

In an increasingly complex world with an ever-pressing need to stay one step ahead of the competition, learn more how IBM can help you mine data for deeper insights, make better decisions and optimise performance. less

IBM Cloud IBM Cloud

Rethink IT. Reinvent Business. Cloud computing changes the way we think about technology and its positive impact on the enterprise.

IBM Mobility Services IBM Mobility Services

The new workplace is now undeniably a mobile enterprise. However, the combination of anytime, anywhere more transactions and a blurring of lines between corporate and individual use makes managing this environment a challenge for IT leaders. IBM can help develop the right strategy and governance and deliver a wide range of mobile enterprise services to create a more productive, connected workplace. less

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