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Are you a good risk manager? Take the self assessment and find out.

How at risk are you?

Do your risk management activities consist of quick responses to today’s threats, or do they actually help you manage risk for the business better? A recent MIT Sloan Center for Information Research (CISR)/IBM survey shows that companies with robust IT risk management capabilities are more effective, not only at risk management, but also at IT management in general.

Discovering how your organization’s risk management activities measure up takes just five minutes. Use the risk management self-assessment tool to get a risk maturity snapshot as your answers are compared to those of your peers in both IT and business management roles.

Find out how your company measures up on core risk-management disciplines
The risk management self-assessment tool helps you gain an understanding of how thoroughly your organization is implementing the three core disciplines of mature risk management efforts:

  • Effective risk governance
  • Solid IT foundation
  • A culture of risk awareness

After completing your self assessment, you'll have an opportunity to download related IBM white papers on the subject of risk as well as have access to the MIT Sloan CISR Research Briefing "How Mature Is Your IT Risk Management?".

When the risk disciplines come together your IT management—and your organization as a whole—is able to understand the IT risks you are facing, making good decisions about what to do about them and create conditions to reduce risk over time. You will have the opportunity to request an IBM representative call you.


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