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Today, IT operations have moved beyond the premises of office buildings and are redefining the way businesses operate. However, IT risks and threats have also evolved to take more complex forms, making organisations more vulnerable. IBM, a global leader in IT services has created a portfolio of security services that can help your organisation stay prepared and protected, and operate with minimum disruption.

Four steps to counter sophisticated security attacks.

In a world of advanced IT attacks, you can strengthen your organisation’s security and protect your information assets by looking at it from an attacker’s point of view. IBM offers a four-step approach to IT security that can help you fight advanced threats. Read this white paper and find out more.

Address DDoS attacks with IBM Managed DDoS Protection.

Addressing DDoS attacks involvs understanding their anatomy and taking preventive and responsive measures. This white paper explains how managed DDoS protection from IBM can safeguard your reputation by ensuring operational functionality during an attack.

Prevent incidents and respond more rapidly to attacks.

The impact of an IT security breach can cause data loss, reputation damage and compliance issues. IBM Cybersecurity Assessment and Response Services can help you reduce the risks of security breaches and enable faster recovery. Read this white paper to know more.

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    Ryan Hughes

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