The continuing transformation of the NHS puts greater emphasis than ever before on the role of technology in providing higher standards of patient care. IBM is helping the NHS and other healthcare organisations to shape a more patient-centric health system, by using advanced technology to generate and share accurate information in real-time.

Healthcare Features

Collaborating beyond traditional boundaries - Learn more (US)

The Digital Hospital Evolution

Managing towards a sustainable healthcare system

The value of analytics in healthcare (PDF, 904KB)

From insights to outcomes

Healthcare Content Management

To help you gain valuable insight into clinical data trapped in unstructured information.

The NHS and IBM’s Smarter Healthcare Vision

To be able to deliver a full range of high-quality patient-centred services.

Final mural from the IBM stand at NHS Confederation (4-6 June, Liverpool) (PDF, 3.56MB)


Case Studies




Delivering sustainable, affordable and quality healthcare with interconnected systems

Learn how interconnected systems can benefit patients, clinical professionals and healthcare organisations.

Redefining Value in Healthcare

Innovating to expand access, improve quality and reduce costs of care.


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Banking Solutions

Integrate voice, data and video capabilities to help improve flexibility and productivity while reducing costs and complexity in the workplace.

Employees want access to unified communications that integrate voice, video and social tools. IBM offers services that can help.

Smarter Commerce offers flexible business-to-business integration solutions and a strategy to help ensure your value chain is synchronised. (Video)

Use analytics to gain insight into data center operations. Learn how to make your data center more efficient and cost-effective.

Scriberia – on the IBM stand

IBM Smarter Care: Enabling the Strategies to Improve Outcomes. Knowledge. Collaboration. Coordination. Learning. Intervention. Source for Scriberia content: Image above 'united' healthcare propositions. NHS Confederation Keynote speakers. IBM session. People coming to stand / post-it notes.

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IBM Global Business Services is delivering free webinars to help you advance your business and gain new insights in key areas such as Social, Mobile & Cloud.

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Smarter Healthcare

To build a smarter health system, healthcare solutions need to be instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.

Financing Smarter Healthcare

Total financing for next generation innovation.

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