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Specialist Cloud Services (SCS)

Based on an in-depth analysis of your business goals and requirements, IBM can help you develop and execute a holistic cloud strategy tailored to your needs—migrating your existing systems and applications or deploying entirely new ones.

Supply, Activate & Manage of Apple Products:
The IBM MobileFirst Supply, Activate and Manage offering brings a new approach for providing, securing and managing iOS devices as a monthly managed service, by a simple and straightforward approach to the supply of devices through leasing, enabling regular technology refreshes, Asset Recovery and secure disposal of used devices.

IBM Customer Management Transformation Services:
The Customer Management services IBM offer include customer strategy development, customer experience design and the design and build of CRM, digital, social, mobile, customer analytics and customer data warehouse solutions. Project management and business change support for these services.

IBM Software Services for Cloud:
Get guidance from IBM Software specialists on how to best deploy your applications in the cloud and a better understanding of your options. Extract greater value from your IBM cloud platform investments with a plan of proven activities to get your workloads running on those platforms.

Change and Learning Services for Business Transformation and Capability Development Programmes:
This offering is for customers that are undertaking medium or large scale business transformation programmes or who are looking to develop new organisational capabilities. They cover the following areas:

Smarter Workforce Services:
This offering provides consultancy and implementation support services to departments in their efforts to get the best out of their people and manage their talent. Specifically to help a department reduce costs and increase productivity through:

Information Assurance Services:
This service aims to provide the expert IT security advice and guidance that an organisation needs to protect its sensitive data in a pragmatic and cost effective manner. Our consultancy services combine Information Assurance expertise based on CESG guidance and the latest thinking from IBM's world renowned security labs.

Risk Management & Accreditation Services:
Our CLAS consultants are trained in the latest standards from CESG and also benefit from the $6Billion IBM spends on security research. We will help you prioritise areas of high value and impact in order to gain maximum return on your security investment, using pragmatic mitigation strategies, tailored for your organisation.

Data Centre Facilities Assessment, Design & Build:
IBM will assess the suitability of your Data Centres to meet your business requirements and IT strategy and provide a report outlining our findings. In addition IBM can assist in implementation of recommendations including complete design and build of a new Data Centre should it be required.

Implementation and Support Services:
IBM can provide a variety of skill sets for the delivery of Infrastructure design, build, implementation, systems administration and support. Skills include Unix, Microsoft, Mainframe, Storage, Networking and Security and cover the majority of Infrastructure Vendors equipment.

Data Centre Migrations:
IBM will support you in the migration of your applications from your source data centre or infrastructure environment to your target data centre or infrastructure environment. This might be as result of technical refresh, rationalisation or transformation project or any other type of re-platforming exercise.

IBM Infrastructure Optimisation:
IBM will assist you in identifying ways in which you can optimise your Infrastructure environment. We will help you identify an approach which optimises availability, scalability, recoverability and agility, whilst also reducing risks. Such an approach will need to be cost-effective and time-efficient to address demand, flexibility and costs.

IBM Penetration Testing:
We will provide the evidence your accreditor needs to independently verify the robustness of your system's defences. We will deliver your report in easy to understand English, we will highlight the vulnerabilities we find in priority order and suggest possible methods which could be used to mitigate the threats.

IBM Passenger Data Collection Service:
Passenger Data Collector (PDC) collects passenger data from carriers in a range of message formats, transforms the data into a standard format, and sends the standard format to a destination system of the customer’s choice.

IBM Resiliency Consultancy Services:
As users increasingly demand 24x7 availability, your business needs to ensure it can still operate if problems occur. You may not have the expertise or time to plan, test, implement and manage an enterprise-wide resilience program. IBM Resiliency Consulting Services: provides assistance developing, implementing, testing and managing your business resilience

IBM Managed Service Integration:
IBM’s broad and deep skills in organisational transformation, supplier management, service integration and operational delivery provide the basis for a range offerings to support organisations seeking to improve management of the multi-source ICT environment.

Oracle e-Business Suite Upgrade Services:
IBM has worked with thousands of clients to drive business value from their Oracle implementations. Whether you're conducting a technical upgrade to keep your application current or are upgrading as part of a larger transformation, we will work with your team to manage the critical factors for a successful R12 upgrade and ensure that your implementation addresses your business requirements.

Oracle Fusion Services:
IBM offers industry-leading services to implement end-to-end solutions based on Oracle's Fusion enterprise applications and middleware. The deployment of cost-effective Fusion-based solutions, expertly designed and implemented, is where IBM stands out, based on the experience we have gained from our long history of successful Oracle implementations.

Siebel Upgrade Services:
IBM has worked with thousands of clients to drive business value from their Siebel implementations. Whether you're conducting a technical upgrade to keep your application current or are upgrading as part of a larger transformation, we will work with your team to manage the critical factors for a successful Siebel upgrade and ensure that your implementation addresses your business requirements.

Cognitive Value Assessment:
Provide an assessment cognitive computing and the role it will play in the future by assessing industry specific scenarios, data and benefits to create a transformation journey map to understand the value of cognitive computing by the business.

Continuous Integration Platform Setup Service:
Creation of a flexible and integrated continuous integration tooling platform, re-using existing Home Office assets where possible, based on open source and low cost commercial tools.

Automated Cloud Environment Build Service:
The automated cloud environment build service automatically creates cloud environments comprising of compute, storage and network from an environment specification document. The environment automator integrates with the IaaS cloud host provided API to take an empty virtual data centre and populate it with the specified virtual machines, networks and firewalls.

IBM Social Business Platform Implementation Services:
Implementation of any Social business technology platform (IBM Connections, Microsoft yammer, Huddle etc) to enable organisations and employees to connect, share and work collaboratively across departments, sites, geographies

HR Cloud Vendor Selection:
IBM has developed an approach specifically tailored for the new world of Cloud HCM vendors that leverages our own internal evaluation and vendor insights The IBM approach helps our clients select the right vendor to maximise the business benefits, achieve optimum commercial terms and reduce the wasted effort and time delays that are typical of the more traditional selection approaches

HCM Cloud Implementation:
IBM cloud for HCM implementation services team offers best in class implementation of the current market leading HCM vendors, including SuccessFactors, Workday and Oracle Fusion, with a track record of delivery implementations in each product suite, on time and on budget and with best practice content applied at each step of the way, to provide clients with a best in class project designed to take advantage of the economies to be won by implementing cloud with IBM

Asset Management Strategy Planning & Implementation:
IBM’s (physical) asset management offerings are aimed at improving asset performance whilst decreasing costs.
Services include:

Property Strategy, Planning & Implementation:
This IBM service aligns real estate assets with business needs, which as major cost items can release significant receipts and savings. Our advisory services help clients optimise the management and provision of buildings / workspace to assist the whole enterprise in becoming a more productive, efficient and adaptable organisation.

IBM Asset Analytics and Insight Services:
IBM’s asset analytics and insight offerings are aimed at capturing, analysing and harnessing insight from many sources of data to improve the understanding of asset systems and support better decision making in the interest of improved efficiency and effectiveness.

IBM Cloud Infrastructure, Strategy and Design:
This service helps define a value-driven cloud computing strategy. Using IBM research-developed tools, IBM Consultants analyse your existing environment; determine the cloud computing model best suited for your organisation; and help identify the workloads that, when migrated to cloud, facilitate reduced costs and improved service delivery aligned with business priorities.

Crime Management Centre Implementation Services:
This offering provides the services required to support the implementation and deployment of a Crime Management Centre.
Asset Analytics and Insight Services: IBM’s asset analytics and insight offerings are aimed at capturing, analysing and harnessing insight from many sources of data to improve the understanding of asset systems and support better decision making in the interest of improved efficiency and effectiveness.

IBM Analytics and Big Data Services:
IBM provides a full range of data and analytical services for public sector organisations from the creation of a strategy or vision for analytics to deep technical and data science capabilities to support the creation, exploration and exploitation of structured and unstructured data assets.

IBM Performance Management & Finance Analytics:
IBM provides an end to end delivery capability for world class performance management and finance analytics – from vision and strategy to business implementation:

IBM Workload Transformation Analysis for Cloud:
Using our established consulting methodology and IBM Research-developed analytics tool, workload data and non-functional requirements are processed to help determine the feasibility, migration difficulty and cost analysis for cloud. We review the analytic results and apply architectural experience to produce a list of recommended candidate workloads for migration to cloud.

Public Health Solution for Disease Surveillance and Management:
This new solution provides Public Health professionals with a powerful and comprehensive set of tools for managing the day to day activities of public health, and for less frequent but devastating occurrences such as outbreaks or pandemics.

IBM Archive and Essence Manager (AREMA):
IBM Archive and Essence Manager (AREMA) is a multi-format essence (media files) management application focused on archiving, storing, transferring, transcoding and otherwise processing media files to support production workflows. AREMA enables the enterprise to offer a single, distributed, layer to all their media and broadcast applications.

Next Best Action Optimizer:
The IBM Smarter Analytics Signature Solutions- Next Best Action Optimizer is a scalable data analytics and optimization engine that automatically generates an action allocation policy to guide the users on what actions to take (e.g., for targeted marketing, CRM, debt or tax collection, etc.). The solution has two components. The first identifies the unique customer profile and creates the associated persona, and the second automatically generates an action allocation policy to guide the users on what actions to take (e.g. marketing activities for targeted customers like a product offer, debt collection activities like issue final warning, etc.). The action allocation policy is optimized with respect to the (long term) reward subject to resource, legal and business constraints, and presents the most appropriate action to take for each individual customer, case or scenario, at any given point in time.

IBM's Fraud and Abuse, Analytics and Management Solution (FAMS):
IBM's Fraud, Abuse, Analytics and Management solution combines IBM Global Business Services, the Fraud and Abuse Management System tools and IBM software products to deliver capabilities to solve key challenges associated with Fraud, Waste and Abuse. The solution is quick to implement, flexible and adaptable, and adheres to industry open standards.

IBM's Tax Audit and Compliance System:
IBM's Tax Audit and Compliance System combines data mining, a process for discovering crucial information hidden in massive quantities of tax data, with integrated reporting and visualization to clearly represent tax payers practices. Using advanced analytics to detect tax evasion and non-compliance. The solution contains pre-built behaviour models that can be used to accelerate time-to-value. TACS can be used to detect suspicious behaviours either retrospectively or at the time a tax declaration/return is filed.

Mobile Enterprise Solutions:
Industry-specific enterprise mobile solutions developed exclusively from the ground up, for iPhone and iPad. IBM cloud services optimised for iOS, including device management, security, analytics and mobile integration New AppleCare® for Enterprise service and support tailored to the enterprise. New packaged offerings from IBM for device activation, supply and management.

Mobile Innovation Workshop:
The offering enables organisations to take advantage of what IBM MobileFirst has to offer safely, securely and at a low cost. This 1 day structured strategy workshop, is jointly conducted with Business & IT stakeholders to present the key benefits of enterprise mobility and how they can be tailored to your business.

Mobile Strategy & Roadmap Accelerator:
The Strategy & Roadmap Accelerator is an 8-12 week focused strategic offering which deploys experienced IBM MobileFirst Subject Matter Experts into your business to deliver a rapid, yet structured approach to expanding the business impact of mobile solutions, through the development of a roadmap and associated business outcomes specific to your organisation.

Mobile Application Rapid Prototyping:
Used to develop rapid mobile applications for Proof of Concept or early Prototyping purposes. Utilising a mobile device service and a team of dedicated experts the innovation teams can test out, trial and demonstrate mobile applications in short timescales without the need to implement large scale infrastructure or procurement.

Mobile Industry Solutions for Classified Security:
This service offers a secure mobile communication solution for Android devices. The focus of the solution is on securing mobile data Applications, like E-Mail and PIM Clients, inter- and intranet browsing and collaboration and community Applications, for a high security classification use case.

Mobile Application Development, Test & Integration:
The service offers the ability to rapidly develop and test multi-platform mobile applications using Agile methodology, build flexible and scalable services and APIs and integrate the whole solution into complex systems integration environments.

Mobile Industry Solutions for Policing:
This service offers a number of Police-specific mobile applications to improve productivity of front line police officers. These applications are designed to be delivered in a cloud environment, linked to existing data sources, where the cloud can be hosted in an IL3 environment/as a private cloud in existing police data centres.

Mobile User Experience & Visual Design:
This service offers the leading Ux and Visual Design and Creative team in IBM Interactive Experience. This group of mobile specific Creative Design consultants can create, extend or transform further the organisation's existing digital vision and strategy specific to Mobile.

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