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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

IBM's platform-as-a-service—IBM SmartCloud Application Services—delivers a secure, collaborative cloud-based environment that supports a full lifecycle of accelerated application development, deployment and delivery.

PaaS provides enhanced functionality to the provider’s infrastructure services and is an integral component to development and delivery of SaaS applications.

AIX Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Provides an AIX based PaaS at a variety of security classifications and with the ability to build an appropriate service from these with additional bolt on services to provide a system that meets the business needs.

SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE) -
Optimizes application development, deployment and management by enabling more rapid on-boarding to a preconfigured, ready-to-use, cloud-based scalable platform.

Web Server as a Service
The supplied platform is an Apache HTTP-based web server. The service can authenticate web requests against a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server over secure and unsecure connections.

Application Server as a Service
Provides an Application Server capability which provides a platform to run Java based (and other) code.

Database as a Service
Provides a versatile (relational and semi-structured) data store. A mature robust database server offering with rich core functionality that delivers powerful easy to use capabilities for both current and the next generation of applications.

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