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The pressure on governments to increase efficiency, focus on the citizen's needs and deliver results is intensifying. IBM can provide new insights to help government organisations to reduce costs, optimise ways of working and business processes, engage with citizens and innovate.

Address your critical business needs:

Improve public safety

Create safer communities by giving law enforcement, emergency management and city personnel the real-time intelligence to respond swiftly to emergencies, prevent crime and manage city operations.

Improve government health and social programs

Support the health and welfare of citizens by delivering services that are tailored to individual needs, coordinated across agencies, and focused on outcomes.

Combatting fraud and error

Fraud and Error costs the UK Government an estimated £30bn every year. Fraud alone amounts to £20bn. Nearly £10bn goes missing as a result of administrative errors. This adds up to more than £1000 for every British taxpayer. What can be done to stem the tide?

Agile business applications

Discover how listening and quickly responding to citizens can turn an experience from unhappy to delighted.

Manage resources effectively

Improve government performance and operations by finding efficiencies in your people, processes and infrastructure and by managing environmental resources responsibly.

Protect the nation's borders

Facilitate travel and trade while keeping the nation safe by expediting the movement of people and goods between borders, accurately and efficiently collecting duties and processing visas, and intercepting unwanted visitors and contraband.

Strengthen national security

Optimise your military support functions – including logistics, business processes, IT, and intelligence gathering and analysis – in order to improve your defense position.

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Swiss Customs processes over 96% of all customs declarations electronically with help of business rule management system. Learn more.

Swedish Armed Forces saved time and cost and improved data quality by migrating 12 legacy systems to SAP. Learn more.

Swedish Transport Administration reduced unplanned maintenance of transportation network with asset management solution. Learn more.

California town reduced crime by over 35% using analytics to identify crime trends and better deploy resources. Learn more.

Alameda County Social Services cut $11 million USD in fraud by giving case workers more intelligent tools. Learn more (3.52MB).

New York State Tax reduced questionable refunds by $1.2 billion USD using predictive analytics. Learn more.

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