The pressure on governments to increase efficiency, focus on the citizen's needs and deliver results is intensifying. IBM can provide new insights to help government organisations to reduce costs, optimise ways of working and business processes, engage with citizens and innovate.

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IBM counter-fraud consulting services and technology infographic (pdf, 71 KB)

See how IBM can help public sector organisations reduce fraud and error.

Open Computing in Government (PDF, 719KB)

IBM G-Cloud Solutions

IBM has 98 current offerings on G-Cloud, accesssed on the G-Cloud catalogue. Find out more here.

Tax Revenue Management and Economic Vitality (PDF, 145KB)

This paper summarises the current challenges in the management of tax revenues around the world and stresses on the importance of applying analytics and effectively using social, mobile and cloud to dramatically improve tax administration effectiveness

IBM Counter Fraud Management for Government (PDF, 214KB)

Fraud and abuse are on the rise by the day - Government agencies are striving to be more efficient by balancing equitable service to citizens on one hand, while increasing revenue by proactively detecting non-compliance and prioritising investigations on the other. This whitepaper outlines the IBM solution for Fraud and Compliance in Government designed to help agencies intercept suspicious transactions real-time, and identify and build case against past fraudulent activity

Fraud and Error

Fraud and Error costs the UK Government an estimated £30bn every year. Fraud alone amounts to £20bn. Nearly £10bn goes missing as a result of administrative errors. This adds up to more than £1000 for every British taxpayer. What can be done to stem the tide?

Fraud, Error and Analytics in the UK Public Sector

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The power of analytics for public sector (US)

Building analytics competency to accelerate outcomes.

Opening up government (US)

How to unleash the power of information for new economic growth.

The mobile move for government

Mobile is becoming a mandatory transformation for UK government

The Customer-activated Enterprise

Read how 4,183 C-Level leaders in 70 countries view the world, their priorities and how they are preparing for the future.

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IBM's Vision for the Future of Public Services in 2020

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