The pressure on governments to make better choices, deliver results and demonstrate accountability is intensifying. IBM can provide new insights to help government organisations to make better decisions, optimize ways of working, measure progress, impact and performance and capitalize on new opportunities.

Government Features

 The Customer-activated Enterprise
Read how 4,183 C-Level leaders in 70 countries view the world, their priorities and how they are preparing for the future.

IBM G-Cloud Solutions

IBM has 98 current offerings on G-Cloud, accesssed on the G-Cloud catalogue. Find out more here.

Fraud and Error

Fraud and Error costs the UK Government an estimated £30bn every year. Fraud alone amounts to £20bn. Nearly £10bn goes missing as a result of administrative errors. This adds up to more than £1000 for every British taxpayer. What can be done to stem the tide?

Fraud, Error and Analytics in the UK Public Sector

Missed the webinar?... Watch the replay which is now available

The power of analytics for public sector (US)

Building analytics competency to accelerate outcomes.

How much does your desktop cost the UK public?

Every desktop in the UK public sector could hold the key to millions in savings.

Opening up government (US)

How to unleash the power of information for new economic growth.

Find out how IBM helped Defra (PDF, 604KB)

Defra cuts costs and gains flexibility
Improving service levels with IBM

The mobile move for government

Mobile is becoming a mandatory transformation for UK government

Improve your mobile application security with IBM Worklight (PDF, 1.43MB)


Featured videos

IBM MobileFirst Enables Enterprise MobilityIBM MobileFirst Enables Enterprise Mobility (00:00:58)
IBM MobileFirst is the industry's most complete mobile solution portfolio that enables mobility enterprise.

IBM Smart Cloud IBM Smart Cloud (00:00:30)


IBM Security. IIBM Security (00:01:06)
Find out how IBM finds data vulnerabilities and prevents them.


CloudStore: IT Evolution or Revolution? Watch the Webinar (link resides outside of and view the handout (PDF, 771KB)

Smarter Buildings: Using data to drive optimised building performance. Find out more (PDF, 1.25MB)


Banking Solutions

Integrate voice, data and video capabilities to help improve flexibility and productivity while reducing costs and complexity in the workplace.

Employees want access to unified communications that integrate voice, video and social tools. IBM offers services that can help.

Smarter Commerce offers flexible business-to-business integration solutions and a strategy to help ensure your value chain is synchronised. (Video)

Use analytics to gain insight into data center operations. Learn how to make your data center more efficient and cost-effective.

IBM and the Police

Key trends driving global business resilience and risk

Findings from the 2011 IBM Global Business Resilience and Risk Study


Key Issues Affecting the Provision of Logistics Support to the UK Armed Forces


A Service Oriented Approach to NEC

The Path to Doing Better Things: A Service Oriented Approach to Supporting Future Operations