Our consumer products solutions, technology and consulting can help you build life-long relationships with consumers, collaborate with channel partners to drive efficiency, manage products from raw materials to finished goods, and manage business performance through increased visibility.

Consumer Products Highlights

 The Customer-activated Enterprise
Read how 4,183 C-Level leaders in 70 countries view the world, their priorities and how they are preparing for the future.

Marketing Features

The Empowered consumer is at the centre of a changing landscape for CP marketing. It is therefore imperative to develop the capability to access and leverage new data driven insights by combining store, consumer (structured and unstructured) and third party in data in ways that enable brand differentiation, develop relevant innovation, consumer dialogue and effective campaign and media execution.

Sales Features

Smarter Consumer Products brings together an enterprise platform to deliver integrated, consistent information and analytics that utilises a broad range of data sources. Thus enabling Executives to answer the big strategic questions facing CP and delivering ‘game changing capabilities across the CP enterprise’.”

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Information Technology for Consumer Products

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Supply Chain Features

Solutions that deliver Supply chain planning and execution capabilities across the extended enterprise, enabling companies to anticipate, control and react to demand and supply volatility within the supply chain. Managing how and where you fulfill orders, how much inventory you should store where, and the planning and execution of your shipments to meet customer commitments. IBM provides the ability to understand, manage and direct the supply chain in order to make the supply chain smarter.

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Banking Solutions

Integrate voice, data and video capabilities to help improve flexibility and productivity while reducing costs and complexity in the workplace.

Employees want access to unified communications that integrate voice, video and social tools. IBM offers services that can help.

Smarter Commerce offers flexible business-to-business integration solutions and a strategy to help ensure your value chain is synchronised. (Video)

Use analytics to gain insight into data center operations. Learn how to make your data center more efficient and cost-effective.

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Smarter Commerce

Find out how you can better anticipate problems and respond faster to opportunities.

Smarter Products

The goods we use are getting smarter. Now manufacturing has to as well.

Smarter Analytics for Consumer Products

Find out why Consumer Products executives need information and analytical tools to better manage their business in the face of ever increasing complexity.