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Throughout March and April last year IBM across Europe conducted a survey of our clients attitude to core banking transformation. Our interviews took place with 27 banks and 2 solution providers to try and understand what their current attitudes are to investment in the transformation of the core banking platforms used across the industry. Some of the findings backed up our expectations, but just as many surprised us.

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  • Innovation in wealth management

    Innovation in wealth management (YouTube, 00:07:05)

    Bharat Bhushan, Industry Architect, Banking and Financial Markets, takes us through the issues effecting wealth and asset management including digital transformation, gender diversity and the maturity of Gen Y customers.

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Eddie Keal Eddie Keal
Banking & Financial Markets Industry Leader, UKI

Richard G Brown Richard G Brown
Executive Architect, Banking and Financial Markets
Client Technical Architect : Industry Architect

Bharat Bhushan Bharat Bhushan
Industry Architect, Banking and Financial Markets

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