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This web site is the primary portal for all firms working in the Computer Services Industry (CSI) and currently working or wishing to work with IBM. It highlights all the key information pertinent to CSI firms and is a primary source to access information on IBM capabilities, offerings, skills enablement and support. This knowledge portal will enable CSI firms to understand how to work with IBM, where we can partner and cooperatively achieve the goals of winning business, enhancing competencies and ultimately, providing value to our clients.

Hybrid Cloud – taking it from concept to reality

IBM Bluemix

Build and run your apps with the IBM Bluemix hybrid cloud development platform to access a catalogue of services and APIs from IBM, third-parties, and communities that can help automate integrating new functionality into your products such as Watson, analytics, security, DevOps, and more.

Personality Insights

Gain insight into how and why people think, act, and feel the way they do. This service applies linguistic analytics and personality theory to infer attributes from a person's unstructured text

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