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Customer loyalty sales and service

Dramatically improve your end-to-end passenger experience by consistently capturing your passengers’ histories and profiles, and delivering personalized offers and services based on this information. Using advanced analytics, refined segmentation, and campaign management, you can deliver relevant information to passengers across channels according to their preferences, including cross- and up-sell opportunities. By focusing on the end-to-end passenger experience, you will enable seamless multi-modal journeys, increase the lifetime value, loyalty, and satisfaction of your passengers, increase marketing effectiveness, and reduce cost of service.

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Rail customer experience infographic

Customer loyalty for travel and transportation (142KB)


The value of a customer-centric strategy for passenger rail
Maximize the value of each customer and seat on long-distance passenger rail by leveraging a multi-channel platform, an integrated profile and transaction history, day-of-journey CRM, and analytics.

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SBB-Swiss Federal Railways uses predictive analytics to increase profit margins
The railway optimized campaign scheduling and pricing to enable it to profitably offer customers competitively priced travel tickets and increase revenue.

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Traveler core systems modernization

Increase revenue and manage capacity by modernizing your railroad’s core systems on a common, open platform. Using enterprise modernization capabilities that combine business process management with a service-oriented architecture (SOA), you can simplify processes across your rail and partner network, enable a single view of the customer, and provide business process flexibility for smoother operations. By implementing a streamlined common platform, you will be able to reduce technology and operations expenses, support new products and pricing more rapidly, and increase revenue.

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Core systems modernization for travel and transportation (726KB)

IBM z/Transaction Processing Facility: Purpose-built for the travel industry (419KB)


A European railway operator enhanced its web and mobile experience and won back revenue from the competition
By streamlining back-end processing, the railway enabled real-time price, offer, and journey updates, allowing them to gain an edge on low-cost carriers, meet increased demand, and improve the customer experience.

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Asset management and maintenance

Maximize the availability of rail assets and infrastructure by proactively managing planning, implementation, and maintenance over rail asset lifetime. Using intelligent asset management and predictive asset maintenance, you can collect and analyze rail asset data about history, warranty, and usage to facilitate a paradigm shift from reactive repairs to preventive and predictive maintenance. By optimizing asset management, you will reduce the total cost of rail asset ownership, increase asset availability and network capacity, prolong asset life, improve performance, and increase ROI.

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Rail predictive maintenance infographic

Predictive maintenance analytics for travel and transportation (965KB)

IBM Maximo for transportation


Effective configuration management for complex assets
Explore best practices for dynamically tracking asset lifecycle activities and generating real-time configuration data so you can increase safety and reduce maintenance costs.

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Taiwan High Speed Rail implements a reliable, cost-effective and proactive means of addressing maintenance
Using automated, rules-based workflow management ensures that maintenance issues at the railway are addressed before they can become passenger safety issues.

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Operations planning and optimization

Improve operational efficiency by planning and managing trains, facilities, equipment, and human resources in real-time. Using a unified view of key functional areas, predictive transport network optimization, and mobile enablement of operations, you can predict, plan, and coordinate the movement of cargo within a yard, optimize transfers between modes of transport, and intelligently manage your dispersed workforce. With more integrated operations, you will improve utilization of physical and human resources, reduce empty container trips, effectively manage rail demand, and support new business strategies.

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Operations control systems for railways (134KB)

Netherlands Railway saves 20M EUR annually and grows ridership with minimum congestion by maximizing efficiency
With powerful analytics, Netherlands Railways creates optimized operating plans that maximize service quality, minimize costs, and provide guidance for future infrastructure investments.

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Keep trains running smoothly with predictive analytics

A U.S. freight railway analyzes 100,000 data points a day to monitor their track and rolling stock.

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Think beyond the rails: Leading in 2025
Discover how railways can drive growth and create a more agile operating environment for 2025 by embracing an interconnected rail ecosystem and using cognitive computing to harness data.


The optimization of global railways: 100 years of innovation
Learn how for over a century, IBM has helped railroads around the world use information to better manage complex rail systems.




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