Telstra gains control over procurement and supply chain functions through outsourcing arrangement

Richard Allen,

Chief Procurement Officer, Telstra


Implement and execute effective F&A, HR and SCM processes at lower cost, improve management with dashboards, increase collaboration in the workforce, and enable your company to anticipate, control, and react to demand and supply volatility in sourcing.

How it works

By finding efficiencies in your processes and infrastructure and by mobilizing your workforce for greater speed and flexibility, you can streamline service delivery and improve business performance. Utilizing a set of capabilities and services designed to transform core business operational functions,

  • F&A solutions can address requirements in: Order-to-Cash; Travel Expense Control; Payment Processing; Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting; Record-to-Report; Cash Management; Tax Accounting; Finance, Risk, and Fraud strategies; process improvement; and Performance Management dashboards
  • HR solutions address the need to: Attract and retain the best talent, develop their skills, cultivate new leaders, and capitalize on their collective knowledge with collaboration and knowledge sharing tools
  • SCM solutions can: Deliver supply chain planning and execution capabilities across the enterprise, Procure-to-Pay, and Supply Chain Performance Management

How you benefit

Increase your competitiveness and operational excellence that can help you provide effective F&A, HR & SCM processes at lower costs and improve management through dashboards; and enable your organization to anticipate, control, and react to demand and supply volatility in sourcing using our solutions.

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