Examine how back-office and front-office functions are performed across your enterprise and identify those processes and systems that will return the greatest benefit by being simplified, standardized, automated, or centralized into a lower cost center.

How it works

Transform the entire set of internal processes, including business intelligence, IT systems, and IT infrastructure, to lower cost, increase operational efficiency, and improve agility—helping you realize greater global productivity and lower operational costs. This solution changes the fundamental structure of operations by using:

  • Optimized operations models and shared service models
  • Data-driven insights to improve business performance & achieve service excellence
  • Proven iterative transformation process, with cognitive and cloud enablement

How you benefit

With IBMs Enterprise Transformation solution and services, you can standardize and consolidate IT platforms, simplify and streamline process and operations, and improve shared service capabilities while reducing costs, increasing synergies across functional entities, and improving organizational alignment.

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Joe Cronin

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