NBCUniversal streamlines development with DevOps

NBCUniversal reduces the time required for new application releases by 75 percent and cuts regression testing time from 6 - 8 weeks to as little as 3 hours. As a result, the company can meet its business requirements more rapidly while improving code quality.

NBC Universal DevOps

Case Study: Wimbledon 2016

Wimbledon uses real-time analytics to help share the moments that matter with tennis fans around the world

Case Study: Idea Cellular Ltd

Idea Cellular improves customer insights and satisfaction with dynamic campaign management

In India’s hyper-competitive telecommunications market, it is critical that service providers maximizerevenue from their current subscribers. In order to transform its existing manual methods into a fullyautomated business process, Idea partnered with IBM to implement an information management andanalytics solution that would ultimately increase the company’s revenue

  • 10% Revenue increase.
  • 80% Reduction of manual activities.

Case Study: Big Fish Games

How knowing your customers keeps you ahead of the game

In the ultra-competitive mobile and online gaming industry, the ability to identify loyal clients and reduce customer churn are key factors to success. By optimizing the player experience, Big Fish enhances customer engagement and loyalty, and reduces churn—responding faster to changing trends in the marketplace boosts competitiveness.

Case Study: Telefonica Mexico

Transforming customer retention through insight into real-world performance.

This IBM client implemented an advanced big data analytics solution based on IBM® Analytics Solutions for Communication Service Providers, integrating real-time network data and operational data to profile customer accounts, analyze behavior patterns, evaluate the customer experience, and deliver near-real-time insight via intuitive dashboards.

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