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HIMSS 2016 - Las Vegas, NV - February 29 - March 4

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A Data Revolution for Healthcare is Here

For many people today, health is something you think about when you go in for check-ups or treatments. Your doctor has your clinical history and runs tests, but her understanding of your health is basically limited to what happens and what you discuss while you are there. And somewhere you know that researchers are making new discoveries – but you’re not connected to the discovery process.

Night Terror: Let’s Put the Spotlight on Sleep Health

It’s often said that sleep apnea is a silent killer, and, for my family, the side effects have been devastating. My father had triple-bypass surgery at age 38, later got vascular dementia, and died at age 62. His father died of heart disease in his 60s. My other grandfather died of a heart attack at 61. It seems likely they all had this sleep disorder—and that it contributed to their early deaths.