Learn more about IBM Watson Health, our clients and the innovations that are helping organizations to improve and transform health.

Cognitive systems and the future of healthcare

How data, analytics and cognitive computing are transforming healthcare and revolutionizing personalized medicine.

Listen to Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO of IBM, delivering the opening keynote session to HIMSS17.

The health ecosystem is faced with ever-increasing demands, and is riddled with obstacles, complexity and siloes. IBM is bringing an unprecedented combination of resources and technologies to overcome these challenges. And we are creating the path from today to the future that is needed to fully realize potential opportunities and maximize the return of your investments.

Empowering heroes, transforming health

Value-based care

Your approach to determining a growth path for your organization doesn’t have to be an either fee-for-service or value-based care. With IBM Watson Health, we’ll help you pursue both.

Together, we’ll identify pathways that will help you capitalize on your fee-for-service opportunities while you engage in evolving reimbursement models, build a holistic view of individuals in your population and work to improve performance.

IBM Watson Health offers solutions to help you manage your patient populations. Our solutions enable you to gather, share and communicate information across the continuum of care and create actionable care plans. And going forward, cognitive capabilities can help you scale personalized care.

We provide robust data integration and aggregation competency, risk-stratified analytics, performance measurement reporting, care management and care coordination tools, lean principles to help redefine care delivery models, and patient engagement solutions that help enable team members to function at their highest levels.

Share knowledge

The exponential growth in health care data— from medical records, clinical research, sensors and wearable devices – presents professionals with unprecedented opportunities for healthcare transformation. However, the sheer volume of data being created combined with the diversity of sources, means it is nearly impossible for professionals to leverage all available data for decision making.

IBM Watson Health offers solutions to help professionals more quickly and efficiently tap into data and garner actionable insights. In the cognitive era, we are working to enable professionals and organizations to accelerate drug discovery, identify potentially relevant clinical trials for patients, bring genomic insights to more patients, and help you deliver care.

Learn more about how Watson Health can enable the industry to improve patient care, accelerate research, and drive business innovation.

Engage the Individual

Incredible pressures are reshaping the healthcare landscape. Individual consumers and employees are playing a more active role than ever before and expect the same level of transparency, personalization, convenience, and real-time results as they have in every other aspect of their lives. They expect healthcare organizations to know them, anticipate their needs, and engage them on their terms. To deliver on consumer expectations, healthcare organizations face a dizzying array of technology options from cognitive, cloud, mobile, social, big data and analytics. They need to make sound decisions that enable today and build for the future.

Across all platforms and vendors, IBM brings together the software, services and solutions required, with cross-industry expertise to truly transform the healthcare experience -- wherever you are on the journey. Come see how IBM can help your organization be successful in building trusted relationships that ultimately grow market share, improve care outcomes and reduce cost.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency

With the changing landscape of care you need to adapt and adopt new technologies to solve health care challenges. Explore IBM capabilities that enable IT foundations to provide robust integrated data management, reduce costs and provide the ability to secure every transaction.

Discover how to progress on a cognitive journey through the innovative use of data and cognitive insights. Uncover new and unseen opportunities to better coordinate consumer centric, team based care, focused on improving outcomes, reducing cost, and eliminating risk/adverse events to deliver a transformed care experience.

Experience how Cloud drives efficiency and reduces costs, redefines collaboration, partnering, and business models to help healthcare clients who are hungry for the capabilities that cloud can deliver to meet new competitive pressures and ever-expanding consumer expectations.

Explore the advancements in threat analysis with Watson for Cyber Security. Learn how to progress from managing regulatory compliance to managing breach risk to enable a holistic approach to ward off cyber criminals and insider threats.

Listen to the IBM Theater Session Replays to learn how IBM capabilities are helping organizations to transform and innovate new solutions in the cognitive era.