From evidence to insight:
Achieving outcomes that matter

The global healthcare industry is at a pivotal point to transform, reinvent and realign to a more vital and evolving new model. There is broad recognition that cost increases are unsustainable, yet results remain inadequate. Buyers of care, including governments, employers and individual consumers, are demanding better performance in both quality and outcomes. Yet the challenge cannot be met by continuing attempts to extract greater productivity from the industry's existing structure.

Fundamentally, the focus is shifting to create a system of healthcare, which requires new funding models, shared risk and greater accountability to the outcomes. The future requires a new definition of value for all stakeholders within the ecosystem, especially patients. It will require new care models that promote coordination and sharing of knowledge among all caregivers to the benefit of the patient. It will require technology and tools to collect and analyze data to support decisions with trusted evidence.

For organizations to adapt, they must have good visibility into their own cost structures and capacities; it requires insight to both financial and clinical risk inherent in their populations, and it will require the ability to measure the impact of their services delivered.

To achieve better value, organizations will need to focus on integrating evidence-based insights and automate care management processes to create greater standardization and rapid adoption of best practices. They must also coordinate communications across the episodes of care and the diverse settings of the care continuum to enable real-time coordination and to reduce gaps in care.

The goal is to achieve better outcomes for our citizens, improved population health for our communities and decreased cost burdens on our societies.