Go from monitoring and detecting security risks and threats to understanding and enabling predictive and adaptive capabilities and defenses.

How it works

With advanced security analytics and intelligence, optimized security tools, extensive security expertise and experience, as well as cloud resiliency solutions, we can help you:

  • Proactively identify operational and security threats, reduce costs, and re-focus resources
  • Manage internal and external risks to IT systems, including the ownership, operation, involvement and influence of IT within an enterprise
  • Improve service delivery to clients, business performance, and resiliency while meeting business objectives and regulatory requirements

IBM advantage

Our industry-leading security and resiliency solutions and services help you dramatically improve your ability to detect and prevent cyber-attacks and security threats as well as help you maintain continuous business operations and improve resiliency.

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Executive Report

Winning the Face-off Against Fraud: How the most effective financial institutions are outthinking the bad guys

Examine best practices for fighting fraud and learn how to transform your operation to do so.

Meet our financial markets experts

Paul Leonhirth

Paul Leonhirth

Director, Integrated Risk Management Solutions, IBM Sales & Distribution, Financial Services Sector

Wayne Wilczynski

Wayne Wilczynski

Vice President/Partner, GBS WW Leader Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance CoC- FSS, Global Business Services

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