Case Study: Global Financial Management Company

Reducing Risk Through Smarter Process Modeling

A global financial management company takes a new approach to process modeling.

For a global financial company with millions of dollars in revenue at stake, collaborating on and implementing new business processes is no simple task. With the help of IBM Blueworks Life and IBM Business Process Manager, they’ve implemented better, more efficient process modeling.


Executive Summary

A global financial management company reduced risk by modeling processes with IBM Blueworks Live software.

A US based global financial management company operates in 18 countries throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin American, and North America. They offer financial products and services, including retirement, asset management, and insurance, and they manage nearly $500 billion in assets. So when it was time to rethink their business processes, their paper method was not only inefficient—it posed a huge risk to their operation and their customers.



A paper-based process management system for a company this size left too much room for error.

The need to increase the efficiency of the company’s complex internal and customer-facing business processes was an on-going task for years. Even after deploying a business process software package, the company’s senior IT analyst spent many nights sifting through paper copies of processes on her living room floor. The information was cumbersome and unstructured, making it extremely difficult to collaborate on developing and instituting new processes across the entire organization.

Resulting mistakes and gaps in processes elevated institutional risk—the kind of risk that could lead to the loss of billion-dollar customers and millions of dollars in profits because of delays in handling time-sensitive financial transactions. The company simply could not afford to carry on the way it was.

“The first two years I worked in this area, I went from one process review to another because processes were constantly evolving,” says the company’s senior IT analyst. “It was a lot of work. I used sticky notes on the wall, with different colors representing decision points and system activities.”



From post-its to digital process modeling.

The company deployed IBM Blueworks Live, a cloud-based business process management tool offered through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, to discover and document business processes across the organization. From illustrating a business process to capturing requirements, this solutions allowed analysts to simplify business process management and optimize collaboration throughout the process modeling and improvement lifecycle. And with IBM Business Process Manager software, the company could implement and manage those new business processes across the entire organization.



The global financial management company achieved a more efficient framework for developing and implementing new business processes.

With the implementation of a reusable, standardized framework for process modeling and collaboration, process quality increased, along with overall productivity and efficiency.

“We use Blueworks Live as a standard before we implement new processes,” the IT analyst says. “By nailing a process down in Blueworks, we’re reducing the time and cost of delivering it to our business. Process owners can be more involved as well, because we’re now collaborating electronically and in near real-time, making us and our processes more agile in the face of changing business demands.”

Solution Components

  • IBM® Blueworks LiveTM
  • IBM Business Process Manager

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