CASE STUDY: Chamberlain Group

Driving demand with an innovative, convenient, secure Internet of Things solution

Through IBM Internet of Things solutions, Chamberlain’s MyQ technology connects consumers to essential home functions, ensuring highly scalable, reliable and secure real-time messaging.

  • 10x more concurrent users


Generate new revenue streams by deploying structured portfolio management processes, systems engineering processes, and tools to develop new electronics products, systems, and services.

How it works

By deploying structured portfolio management and systems engineering processes and tools, you can develop new electronics products, systems, and services—helping you:

  • Accelerate time-to-market for new products/services
  • Reduce or eliminate software errors
  • Reduce overall development costs
  • Improve embedded software development productivity

How you benefit

As an electronics company, IBM is at the forefront of the IoT era, deploying leading-edge IoT solutions. We collaborate with influential business leasers, partners, and clients to provide you with thought leadership and set the agenda for the electronics industry.

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Meet our Electronics experts

Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson

Global Managing Director, Electronics Industry; Member, IBM Industry Academy, IBM Sales & Distribution, Industrial Sector Global Staff

Rami Ahola

Rami Ahola

Global Leader, Electronics Industry Center of Competence, Global Business Services

Marc Haesen

Marc Haesen

Associate partner, Global Electronics CoC, Global Business Services

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