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Maximize your institution's operational effectiveness

Find efficiencies in your people, systems, processes and facilities in order to optimize your operations. To do this, you need technology solutions that help you:

With no increase in funding for facilities and administration, campuses must find new efficiencies to enhance services. Source: Delta Cost Project, 2011

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#IBMFuturEd. How will technology impact the future of education?

  • The future of personalized education

    Data-driven cognitive technologies will enable personalized education and improve outcomes for all. Find out how digital tools, advanced analytics and cognitive systems will transform and add value to our life-long learning journey!

  • Pursuit of relevance: How higher education remains viable in a dynamic world

    The higher education system requires a fundamental transformation driven by three key strategies: more practical and applied curricula, new technologies and expand relationships between higher education institutions, employers and partners within educational ecosystems.

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Intelligent back office

Streamline critical back office functions. Using IT assessments that evaluate your technology infrastructure, support costs and personnel, you can identify opportunities for optimizing key areas relative to application management, server consolidation, storage virtualization, and application hosting. Then, leverage best practices and platform-independent delivery models to consolidate and integrate your education services for maximum efficiency and flexibility. Optimizing your back office enables you increase operational responsiveness and take costs out that can be used to drive critical future investments.

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Marist College saves money by delivering analytics technology via the cloud

Smarter campus

Plan for what your institution will need to look like in the future. An integrated view of your campus infrastructure will allow you to optimize and redesign space, improve operational efficiency, implement green initiatives, and anticipate future growth needs. You can also gain a single point of control over campus systems encompassing buildings, utilities, transportation, public safety and personnel. Using a comprehensive asset and facilities management platform, you can monitor asset performance, track and optimize space utilization, and optimize heating, cooling, lighting and water systems.

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IBM TRIRIGA helps you maximize the return on your real estate portfolio

University of Massachusetts Amherst maintains a single source of space-use data across 250 departments

Institutional performance and risk management

Take a holistic approach to managing financial, operational and IT risk across your institution. Gather data from multiple sources including human resources, medical centers, finance, safety, waste management and more. Using a centralized data warehouse to identify, track and evaluate potential risks, you can analyze patterns, make funding decisions, and create appropriate risk management and response strategies. A robust risk management framework means you can keep campuses safer, improve credit ratings, reduce administrative costs, and protect the long-term viability of your institution.

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University of California reduced risk through integrated data management

Smarter workforce

Take the guesswork out of hiring the right candidates, and retain valued employees by recognizing and developing their skills. Using workforce solutions that combine behavioral science and predictive analytics with social and mobile technologies, you can find the right talent quickly, engage people across your education system in more meaningful work, make them productive more quickly, and assess skills continually instead of annually. By making human capital decisions based on science and data, you will be able to reduce turnover, attract and retain high-quality candidates, and improve organizational performance.

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Redesigning work to create a smarter workforce