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Improve teaching effectiveness and learning outcomes

Give teachers and students the technology solutions and services they need to be successful from kindergarten through graduation to employment in the workforce. To improve learning outcomes, you need to:

  • The future of personalized education

    The future of personalized education
    See how data-driven cognitive technologies will enable adaptive, one-to-one learning

  • In five years, the classroom will learn you

    In five years, the classroom will learn you
    See how cognitive-based learning systems can tailor course work to unique student needs.

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Implementing a technology-based learning enviroment saves over $56k USD per student annually. Soucer: Project RED, 2010

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Analytics and insights

Create a 360° view of your students, organize all education resources available to them, and align the two to improve outcomes from kindergarten through their entry into the workforce. Using data integration and predictive analytics, you can incorporate data from other systems, schools or agencies and analyze and report on important indicators such as enrollment, attendance, dropout rates, assessments and graduation. With a holistic, data-driven view of your students, you can more easily meet district, state or federal reporting requirements, and better understand individual instructional needs to ensure each student's success.

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How analytics is changing the academic landscape

Gwinnett County Public Schools collaborates with IBM Research to improve student outcomes through big data and analytics

Mobility and infrastructure

Enable secure anytime, anywhere, any device learning and ensure every school - including those in remote areas - have access to high-speed Internet and advanced learning tools. Using mobile and broadband networking capabilities, you can create a more flexible and robust technical infrastructure enabling you to drive up student engagement and achievement scores, and improve instructor delivery and evaluation capabilities for teachers and administrators.

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Mobile technology and the transformation of education

Collaboration and access

Help students, parents, teachers and researchers more effectively connect, share, learn and innovate. Using a secure, function-rich social collaboration environment, faculty can connect asynchronously and in real-time for coaching, mentoring, and curriculum development; students can interact with teachers to better understand course material; and researchers can connect with peers around the world. Better connecting your education community leads to more effective education delivery, improved student engagement and stronger alliances between academia and business.

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Collaboration and access for education

Birmingham Metropolitan College makes education widely available via the cloud

Post-secondary and career readiness

Don't just graduate more students. Ensure they graduate with the skills they need to find jobs in the 21st century. Using cloud-based portals containing data on workforce trends and requirements, along with powerful analytics tools, students can gain critical insight into career opportunities and workforce needs. With this information, they can align their curriculum and learning goals with the skills in demand by employers today. Better prepared graduates translate into a more stable and productive workforce.

Pursuit of relevance: How higher education remains viable in a dynamic world

IBM Academic Initiative: A no-charge program to prepare students for in-demand careers

Employment management center

Provide support for unemployed citizens and recent graduates by using technology and analytics to develop a personalized employment plan. The plan assesses individual skills and career readiness and identifies the proper level of counseling, skill development and job placement support necessary to achieve long-term employment. Providing efficient and effective employment support gets people into the workforce faster, saves on case management costs, and reduces public expenditures on unemployment benefits.

Sustainable employment: Youth, economic vitality and why government needs a new approach

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