Case Study: Hershey’s Brazil

Hershey of Brazil uses analytics to provide insights into sales and demand forecasts

Working with IBM Business Partner CTI Global, Hershey’s Brazil introduced an enterprise planning solution that delivers detailed insight into each customer, supporting more targeted, successful selling.

Case Study Hershey’s Brazil

CASE STUDY: San Miguel Brewery

San Miguel Brewery applies business insight to boost profitability and retain market dominance

San Miguel Brewery leveraged analytics from IBM to implement a centralized budgeting and forecasting system to automate many previously manual processes, gaining the advantage of consolidated and accurate data in real-time.

San Miguel Brewery


Coca-Cola moves to the cloud to lower IT costs and bring consumer engagement programs to market faster

By optimizing its business systems to run in a global cloud environment, Coca-Cola dramatically reduced the time required to bring advanced new capabilities to local markets while driving down its ongoing IT costs.

Coca Cola Case Study


L'Oreal S.A. gains mastery over data to drive profitability and competitiveness

L'Oreal partners with IBM to combat data inconsistencies and inaccessibility across business units that create difficulties, particularly with regard to product distribution and regulatory compliance.

Case Study: Rollins Inc

Rollins Inc leverages IBM Analytics to offer tailored services and retain customers

Rollins Inc partnered with IBM to identify customers prone to leaving and engage them with tailored offerings using IBM Predictive Analytics solutions—improving loyalty and reduce churn.

Rollins Inc

Case Study: Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf uses IBM analytics solutions to create a global IT environment to support over 90 companies worldwide

With IBM Cognos 1, Beiersdorf found a way to perform detailed analysis of huge volumes of production data collected over the previous three years.

Case Study beirsdorf

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