Communications: Service innovation

Create new services. Reach new markets. Generate new revenue

Move up the communication services value chain with innovative offerings that complement your connectivity business and create new sources of revenue. In order to deliver higher value and expanded services to your enterprise customers, you need technology solutions that help you:

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    Monetize and deliver new services
    Add power to your portfolio with new services that you can develop and deliver in-house or through partnerships.

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    The natural fit of cloud with telecommunications
    Learn why CSPs have an advantage in driving cloud adoption with business customers.

Monetizing the unique data that CSPs own will be a competitive necessity. Source: Nokia-Siemens, IBM Institute for Business Value Analysis

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Data monetization

Analyze subscriber and network data – including usage, location, and demographic information - for your mobile customers and use the insights to improve ARPU and enter new markets. Monetize the data by selling real-time location data to third-parties such as mobile advertisers who can use the information to develop targeted promotions. Using big data analytics capabilities, you can turn your subscriber and network data into a revenue-generating asset and expand your services portfolio.

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Big data analytics for communication service providers

Vodafone and IBM improve public transit in Istanbul by analyzing mobile data

SmartCloud for service providers

Become a cloud service provider by building, operating and delivering your own cloud services or by re-selling syndicated cloud services from IBM and third parties. Both business models enable you to offer value-added services to your customers, expand into new markets, and generate new revenue. Depending on your business needs, choose from a range of capabilities that include data center cloud infrastructure, IBM managed cloud services, delivery and aggregation platforms and partner ecosystem programs. These capabilities can help you set up an efficient, manageable and secure data center, define a strategy for segmenting your markets, build your offering portfolio, and create unique service bundles.

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Becoming a cloud service provider

Dutch Cloud BV drove up revenue, kept costs flat

AT&T and IBM partner to develop highly-secure shared private cloud

Machine-to-machine enabled solutions

Expand the services you sell into the M2M space using an open, scalable, robust M2M platform with extensible support for both evolving industry standards and proprietary ones. The baseline platform enables you to support communications between machines and applications without dramatically increasing your costs. And it serves as a foundation for development of higher value services involving complex, near-real-time analysis of the big data generated by the growth of M2M traffic. The platform includes support for horizontal services as well as pre-built industry-specific solutions enabling you to reach new vertical markets.

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Sprint and IBM team to deliver in-vehicle driver services

Mobile enterprise solutions

Move into adjacent markets by providing mobility solutions to your enterprise customers. Choose from three approaches: First, extend your own company's mobile capabilities to better serve your customers, employees and suppliers. Second, develop secure mobile enterprise applications in-house and offer them for sale through an online marketplace. The benefit is you derive application revenue and the ability to attract and retain customers through an expanded portfolio of services. Third, set up a development environment enabling third-party developers to create applications to manage their enterprise mobility needs. With this approach, you can provide APIs that integrate with your network services along with computing resources and software development lifecycle management capabilities. The benefit is you gain access to a new ecosystem of developers who, in turn, can help create demand for your services.

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